5 Tips for Telecommuters

April, 01, 2015 by Josianne Cimon author workhoppers

When it comes to flexible jobs, the popularity of telecommuters  are rising with one in five workers around the world telecommuting frequently with nearly 10% working from home everyday. Employees love the idea of reducing their commuting time, and employers are more and more moving towards open concept office, where employees do not have permanent desks.… Read the full article

Mompreneurs Who Freelance

March, 18, 2015 by Josianne Cimon author workhoppers

Statistics on freelancing reveal some interesting differences between female entrepreneurs who freelance, sometimes referred to as mompreneurs, and their male counterparts.  A study made by the Freelancers Union show that there are now 53 million Americans who are freelancing, that is about 34% of the entire American workforce. Whether it be independent contractors, moonlighters, diversified… Read the full article

How to Freelance Successfully 6 Secrets

March, 10, 2015 by Josianne Cimon author workhoppers

The freelancing trend is on the rise and you want to be part of it. You like the idea of having a flexible schedule, diversified tasks, and choosing your clients. Yes, we like it too. But how to Freelance successfully? How can you make it as an independent worker? Freelancing is about building yourself a… Read the full article

Flexible Jobs

March, 02, 2015 by Josianne Cimon author workhoppers

Flexibility in the workplace is gaining a lot of attention in organizations. Flexible jobs are agreements between the employer and the employees to have alternatives to the regular nine to five jobs. Its advantages are becoming clearer for both the employees and the employers. Important organizations have been researching this trend and have concluded that… Read the full article

3 tips for Freelancers from 50 Shades of Grey

February, 12, 2015 by Josianne Cimon author workhoppers

The massively popular book 50 Shades of Grey written by E.L. James took the world by a storm, and the movie is only perpetuating the excitement we all feel about Christian and Ana. Although the racy story is fictional, freelancers can take away 3 real lessons from the book 50 Shades of Grey. Here are… Read the full article

Co-working space : Best places to work

February, 04, 2015 by Josianne Cimon author workhoppers

Co-working space is a great solution for the new flexible workforce. Freelancers and entrepreneurs who work from home know that finding the right place to get work done can be tough. Some places are too noisy, too crowded or just downright uninspiring. The trick is to find the perfect space with little distraction but high… Read the full article

4 tips on How To Hire Freelancers

January, 16, 2015 by Josianne Cimon author workhoppers

The demand for freelancers in today’s organizations is growing. More and more, companies are hiring contractors to perform projects for their companies, but they have also started to rely on freelancing for some of their core activities. Companies hire independent workers to complete important tasks that enable them to meet their demand, but without the… Read the full article

Diversity in the workplace

December, 22, 2014 by Josianne Cimon author workhoppers

A growing concern in HR is diversity in the workplace and how to deal with this. This isn’t an easy issue to tackle. Managing diversity in the workplace is becoming a hot subject in the field of HR because of its immense impact on companies. In some cases, leveraging diversity in the workplace can drive… Read the full article