Quickbooks online changed my professional life

June, 15, 2016 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

Up to 2005, Linda worked full-time for almost 20 years in the same company as a Controller. A change of ownership of that company forced her to make a drastic career change. She then decided to become a freelancer. Her freelance career started to boom when Intuit launched Quickbooks online. Not only had she chosen to work on… Read the full article

Coworking spaces defeat freelancers’ solitude

April, 05, 2016 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

It is clear that more and more professionals are seeking a life with flexibility. Some are looking to reach that magic point called “balance”, others are searching to start their own business and fulfill the need for entrepreneurship. In any case, the number of freelancers in North America and the world is increasing at significant… Read the full article

5 tips on How to Freelance with success

April, 21, 2015 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

Recent research has shown that 1 in 3 individuals are freelancing. The main question is how to freelance with success? Having a successful freelance career requires dedication and focus, and now-a-days there are more opportunities than ever. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced veteran, you need to always be on the lookout… Read the full article

How to Build Your Freelance Career

February, 24, 2015 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

Historically freelancing often referred to the work of journalists, writers and performers. But all of this is changing. More and more professionals are offering their services on a freelance basis and embracing the flexibility that freelancing offers. Today, graphic designers, translators, web developers, bloggers, social media experts, SEO and SEM professionals and so forth are… Read the full article

Comment trouver des bloggeurs pour SEO

January, 28, 2015 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

Pour ceux qui n’étaient pas au courant, SEO vient de Search Engine Optimization, en français, optimisation pour les moteurs de recherche. Le SEO est un moyen efficace de rendre votre site internet plus visible dans les moteurs de recherches populaires (Google, par exemple). Il est clair que nous vivons dans une ère digitale et que… Read the full article

Recruitment policy : the cost of inflexibility

November, 25, 2014 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

  People are by far the most precious resource an organization can have. Nevertheless, due to inflexibility, companies are losing thousand (and potentially millions) of dollars in employee dissatisfaction. Thus, when thinking about recruitment policy, it is crucial to  look at three of the most prominent issues inflexible organizations have to deal with.   Poor… Read the full article

Où recruter des travailleurs indépendants?

October, 24, 2014 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

Où recruter des travailleurs indépendants? Au delà des agences de placement Pour une compagnie, plusieurs raisons expliquent le choix de plus en plus fréquent d’engager un travailleur indépendant se présentant au bureau avec une compétence ciblée. On parle ici d’un employé journalier, prêt à travailler sur une base temporaire, contractuelle, saisonnière ou à temps partiel. Soyons… Read the full article

The Career Woman : Is Supermom Dead?

August, 21, 2014 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

Is Supermom Dead? Defining the Career Woman of the 21st Century Is the term Supermom, as we know it today, dead? At one time the term “supermom” defined the ideal for the perfect career woman – a mother who successfully managed her home while holding down a full time job. Is it  finally time for a… Read the full article

Independent Contractor Rights : Canada

July, 22, 2014 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

Knowing your rights as an Independent Contractor in Canada is imperative in making sure you are receiving what you are entitled to by law. According to Ontario’s Worker’s Action Center (2010) an independent contractor or self-employed individual is one that, among others, controls how the work gets done, can freely negotiate pay, is responsible for… Read the full article

Is HR Outsourcing the way to go?

July, 03, 2014 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

 The whys and whens of outsourcing HR PEOs or professional employer organizations are now one of the most common solutions to focus on the core activity of a business and leave other more administrative, yet still essential, functions to a third party. Commonly, PEOs can be seen as an HR outsourcing solution that handles activities… Read the full article