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March, 24, 2015 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

So you need to hire a freelancer to get your project done. Good for you because like you would at a typical online store you can now browse for skills and buy services just like you would purchase a book from the Kindle store! You are now surfing the web to find the best freelance sites for which to purchase the specific skill you need to hire. This article will help you know which ones are the best freelance sites to go to find the right freelancer and the things to consider when choosing the right freelance site.

best freelance sites

Searching for the best freelance sites is not easy

Some of the best freelance sites to hire from overseas

Upwork, Freelancer

In case you have not heard, Elance and ODesk, once two separate companies,  completed a merger in 2014 to become Upwork. Upwork is well known in the IT domain. Upwork and Freelancer specialize in finding freelancers around the world for your IT projects. The way it works is that you post your project for free and await bids. The bidding process, from people all over the world, brings the prices way down and this could be great if you are very price sensitive. But remember, as the saying goes, you often get what you pay for. Posting a project is quite easy but you need to be very detailed and define it completely.  If you define your project perfectly your bid will be set. However, this can be difficult if you do not know a lot about the subject area of your project. So beware that if you make changes along the way you can expect your price to change too. It is free to post your project but all of these sites charge a percentage commission fee on the project between 8-12%. You must put the money for the project in escrow, hence the importance in defining a project in advance. There are limits to the number of connects on some sites and costs for job features so in order to fully utilize the site there are optional membership plans or costs that you should factor in.

Fiverr and People per hour

These are good sites for short term gigs and freelancers in the graphic and marketing domain. These sites are designed  for work on small and relatively short term projects. Don’t expect too much if you are paying 5$ though!  Beware that some freelancers indicate that they are located in Western countries but after the initial contact you realize that they are located elsewhere and may not speak your language properly.  On Fiverr you do not need to define your project, you can contact freelancers first and then deliver details. On PeoplePerHour you can also post jobs for freelancers to see. For some small projects with small budgets these can be good options. The fees of these sites are not easy to find or explain so we have provided the link. For People per hour  the fees are found deep in the T&Cs or terms and conditions and for Fiverr  the fees can be found by pressing the legal link on the home page.

To get these  low prices you should expect to work with a freelancer overseas. And all of the above sites are designed to facilitate this. Payments are made, in advance, through escrow which alleviates some of the worries when working with individuals in a remote location.

Essentially, all these sites take a percentage of the payment of the project and there are several additional charges that vary, so pay attention to the fine print.

Before hiring a freelancer from overseas keep the following 4 precautions in mind:


It may seem very attractive for a company to have their logo done for 20$. But, can you be sure that the logo is original and that you will not be sued down the road? The potential legal costs can be huge and suing someone across the world is very difficult.

Time sensitivity:

Is your project time sensitive? If you need something very fast, which is usually the case with outsourcing, be sure to take into account time zone differences which tend to slow down a project.  Differing time zones can also affect your business after the project is complete.  For example, suppose you design your website overseas and it suddenly goes down. Contacting your freelancer for urgent repairs at a time when it is most busy is challenging.


Look for freelancers that are fluent in your working language. This will reduce the possibility of errors and miscommunication. Avoid back and forth.


As a company, will you need to share confidential information with your freelancer to have your projects done? Be sure to sign a confidentiality agreement before you hand over your documents. How comfortable are you should you have to sue in another country?


Some of the best Freelance sites to hire locally

Some projects obviously require a physical presence such as project management, brand ambassadors, merchandising, and training or simple office help. Other projects are not as black and white. For example, many IT projects can be done overseas and companies can now take advantage of hiring someone from a developing country where wages are lower.

If you need a local freelancer or decide that you would rather work with a local freelancer, the initial cost may seem a little higher compared to those offered overseas. However, when you take into consideration that working face to face can be more efficient, effective and less risky, the costs may be less than you originally thought.

So what are some good sites to find and hire local freelancers in your own community?

Classified boards such as Craigslist and Kijiji

Aside from selling tires and cars, these two sites also have job categories where you can post your freelance projects. You used to be able to post jobs for free on these sites but charges now begin at 25$ per post depending on your location. The drawback here is that you will get all kinds of applications from many candidates that do not meet your requirements and you will now be faced with the challenge of screening these multiple applications which can be quite overwhelming. You need to be cautious here and very patient. What is nice is that you do not pay for the project in advance or pay any commissions.

Freelance sites such as Workhoppers

One of the best freelance sites to hire talented professionals in your community is Workhoppers, a matching site, built like a dating site, it connects companies immediately with local professionals based on skills, education level and more. No middleman. Post jobs and get contacted by local freelancers. You can find here the different  cost effective packages that are very clear without hidden costs. Because you are connecting with local freelancers, you do not need to pay for or define the project in advance (you just pay your freelancer directly!) and there are no commissions to be paid. In addition to local freelancers, companies can find professionals for part-time, temporary, seasonal, telecommute or contract work.

So as a company there are lots of choices today to get your projects done with talented freelancers and professionals. Hiring on-demand and hiring the right talent only when needed can be highly cost effective and efficient. Visit best freelance sites that fit your needs.

best freelance sites

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