Best Jobs for People Over 50 in Canada

November, 23, 2023 by Brooke McLaughlin author workhoppers

Statistics Canada 2021 Census shows that more than one in five (21.8%) person of working age are aged 55-64. This is an all time high in the history of Canadian census. The working population in Canada has never been older. Of those seniors that worked, about 30% did so full time and the majority were men. In this article we will examine exactly what the best jobs for people over 50 are.

Best jobs over 50

According to a TD Economics report Canadians 60 years and over have accounted for about one third of all net job gains since July 2009. Older Canadians are becoming an increasingly important part of the labour market. Companies, such as Merck Frosst Canada, AltaGas Limited, and Bethany Care Society are just some examples of Canadian companies that recognize the benefits of their experience and actively recruit older workers.

There are many reasons that older Canadians return to and stay in the workforce. HRSD Canada estimates that approximately one third of all work arrangements are now “non-standard” which includes part-time and temporary work, and self-employment. These types of work arrangements are perfectly suited to those older workers as they move towards their retirement years. This type of employment is often referred to as bridge employment.

With all this being said what kinds of jobs are being filled? And what are the best jobs for people over 50?  Workhoppers recently reviewed the statistics and trends report published by HRSDC (COPS) Job openings 2011-2020, looking for openings in Canada’s fastest growing industries that do not require years of education. Many of these are flexible positions and available on a part time or temporary basis.

Here are the best jobs over 50:

In the administrative and Regulatory Occupations

With the highest number of job openings  estimated at 204,093,  jobs in this group that do not require too much training: Executive assistants, property administrators, purchasing agents, court officers (successful completion of physical fitness test required), conference and event planners. You do not need a special degree to be hired for these jobs but it helps if you are a great multitasker.

Motor Vehicle and transit drivers: (projected job openings 177,017)

Maybe you do not know how to drive a 6 wheeler. But driving a taxi, becoming a chauffeur, or doing deliveries are possible options.

Paralegals, social services workers, etc: (Projected job openings 171,151)

This category includes early childhood educators and assistants, paralegal and related occupations, other instructors. Working with children requires a lot of patience and energy but can be very rewarding. Working in a law office is for those who are detail oriented. Both options require on the job training and special short term courses. Perhaps you could consider being an instructor, teaching others what you have learned throughout your career.

Assisting occupations in Health services : (Projected job openings 165,027):

Position as a blood donor clinic assistant, optometrist assistant, or therapist assistant may be right for you. You do not necessarily need formal training but requirements for this type of work include on the job training, health care courses or short term college programs.

Finance & insurance clerks: (Projected job openings 138,984):

This field includes bank clerk or real estate clerk. You need to be fastidious as you will be verifying, processing and compiling information/ paperwork.  Requirements may include a business diploma, on the job training and short term courses

The article is the Canadian perspective on an article, written by Workhoppers, that originally appeared in Next Avenue , Forbes Business and The Huffington Post; “The Best Employers and Jobs for Workers Over 50”. This is the Canadian perspective of the best jobs for people over 50.

Linda Singer is the Co-founder at Workhoppers, an on-line matching site where talented individuals find flexible work and companies easily get local help on demand.


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    Do you help people find financially rewarding careers?

    • We help people connect with companies that have interesting flexible job opportunities.

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    I’m ending a career in childcare work as a nanny. I have been one for thirty years. I’m fluently bilingual French. I’m from France and wondering what you would recommend and do for me

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    I know someone over 50 who has sent out 73 application and has not received any acknowledgement.
    Is this normal or even acceptable?
    Thank you

    • That’s frustrating! Maybe they need to get help on writing an introductory letter. Also, a resume review would be helpful. Members of Workhoppers can receive a free resume review from one of our partners.

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    To be associated with a growing company that gives me the scope to apply my knowledge & skills acquired in the area of computer operations, Secretarial Practice &English Stenography to perform and achieve along with the organization with strong commitment towards innovation & professional services and to secure an opportunity to grow high.

  5. Philomena Nweke

    I have a first and second degrees in Law fro the UK. I am over 50years of age and want to migrate to Canada. I am a British citizen. Thank you.

    • A flexible job is the key to open doors into local companies. Find a contract job on the site and let the company see your capabilities. Good luck.

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    Hi there
    My husband and I absolutely adore Canada. We have been to BC 6 times for skiing. I was just wondering how to go about finding some holiday work if we decided to come back for 6 months. We are 50 and 54. We absolutely love Whistler and SunPeaks. Can you help please.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I am looking at relocating to Canada. I have been to Canada and I love the place.
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    Hello, I have applied to CPA Ontario and beginning my retraining, I have graduated almost 30 years ago, I will be 50yrs this year. I am wondering, is this too late to start a whole new career change. My past 30yrs work experience has been sales and marketing in different industries and I have reached senior management level already. I understand starting a second career will make me start from entry level at least to get the foundations. I am willing, however, are the corporations willing to hire someone over 50yrs.. thats a question mark.

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    Finding the best jobs in Canada is like discovering a treasure trove of career opportunities. Exciting times are ahead!


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