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It is true that marketing and advertising are the secrets to promoting your business, especially on the digital front. Most small and medium-sized businesses are trying as much as they can to publicize their business to the highest number of people and are spending time and resources on business writing.

On this regard, most businesses own a website in which they post their own content for customers and prospective customers to read. However, the norm is that the owners of such businesses try to micromanage. They literally perform all operations in the business. They are the directors, marketers, accountants and surprisingly even the janitors. They even write their own business writing content in a bid to save money. It can be easy to perform all these tasks when the business is just starting out, but when such small businesses grow, it becomes imperative that the owners outsource some processes.

When it comes to business writing, it’s in this instance where hiring a freelance writer to assist with writing content becomes inevitable. There are more benefits of having a freelance writer to do all your content writing as opposed to you doing it yourself.

Let’s consider fives reasons why your small business needs a freelance writer:

1- Hiring a Freelancer for your Business Writing Will Save You Time

Writing sometimes can be a time-consuming task. When also talking about business writing, it is highly involving, and there is so much to write. You have to write:

♦ Business emails and newsletters to current and prospective customers

♦ Content for the business website

♦ Articles and posts for your business blog

♦ Press releases

♦ Social media engagements (for Facebook, Twitter, and the likes)

♦ Memos, among others

If you are the business owner, all these tasks might tie you down. This is because as an entrepreneur, you juggle a lot of processes at the same time in order to maintain your business on the right track. Writing content, on the other hand, requires a significant amount of time looking for resource material, current information, and keeping track of industry trends.

It can be quite difficult especially if you do not write regularly. Thus, you will end up splitting your attention from the most important parts of the business like engaging with customers. It pays to delegate such tasks to a freelance writer. It will free up your time which you can use to focus on giving your customers undivided attention and growing your business.

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2. You Stand To Benefit From A Large Pool Of Highly Skilled Talented Writers

Reports show that about 34% of the United States workforce consists of freelance workers. The writing sector is quite popular among freelancers, so the number of freelance writers is increasing day by day. The most intriguing thing is that this pool cuts across many different topic specialties and geographical boundaries. Thus, you are not tied down to freelance writers in one subject area or in your own immediate vicinity.

You can hire a freelance writer who is miles away, who has the specific knowledge you need. The increasing number of freelance writers makes your work easier since you can hire different writers to work on different tasks which are all related to your business. Some freelance writers also possess unmatched skills of which you can stand to benefit from.

Such skills may include:

♦ Website development

♦ Content production

♦ Analytical skills

♦ Artistic skills

Most of the freelance writers around have additional professional qualifications such as a relevant degree like communications, public relations, marketing and customer care. Further, they may have specific degrees in science, technology or history. Thus, you stand to get highly skilled writers who will give you quality output of work.

3. Hiring a Freelancer for Business Writing Lowers Your Costs Thus Saving You Money

As an entrepreneur, the value of efficiency is quite central to running your business. Business efficiency entails the use of resources at the lowest cost while still maximizing on output. Thus, hiring freelance writers for your business writing works well in promoting efficiency in your business. This is because you save a lot of time and money. When you take a look at most freelancers, most of them work on the virtual front – most of them work online. You need not provide them with working space, a desk, or chair for them to perform their tasks.

Again, most freelancers are paid at the completion of tasks. This is usually by the hour or at a certain agreed task fee. They are not on the payroll. Thus, you do not have a recurring expenditure on them. Even those freelancers who ask for a high price for their services are much more affordable than having a permanent writer who is on your payroll every month. You would not have to incur costs in the name of employment benefits.

When you compare the input these freelancers put in your businesses, it is really considerable. Your business may grow in leaps and bounds. In terms of investment, it is a good choice to invest in freelance writers since the benefits are much more considerable than the costs.

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4. Business Writing Adds Professionalism To Your Business

Virtually everyone can write. In fact, most people spend their day writing. When you update your Facebook status, you have to write it. When you send a tweet, you have to write it. When you text your buddy, you will also have to write it. However, if you can write a text, does that make you a professional writer? Well, for sure it does not. In fact, most of these daily writings are full of errors, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and even unprofessional language.

It is actually possible for you to transfer this unprofessionalism to your business write-ups. You might think it’s not that much of a big deal. However, the truth is that customers are always keen and they will notice. What they see on your website leads to them to make judgments about the service your business will offer.

Haphazard writers might fail to hit the mark due to lack of experience in a certain area. This will translate to low traffic to your site, low customer retention and it will also drive away any prospective customer that you may have. Thus, in order to forestall this, it is essential that you hire a freelance writer.

Most freelance writers adhere to high professional conduct and standards. You are assured that they will present your business to the highest professional standard on the digital front. They have the prerequisite skills to effectively get your business message out there to the whole world.

5. Hiring a Freelancer for Business Writing Enhances Flexibility and Swift Access to Tasks

One of the most revered aspects of business is flexibility. If your business is highly flexible it gives you an edge in terms of operations. Sometimes you can be overwhelmed by a project or just have too much on your plate. At these times you  out-rightly need help. Instead of hiring someone for full-time employment to assist you with that project, you can hire a freelance writer who can easily take care of temporary tasks. They are swift in their response and also work. Thus, you benefit from a flexible system of work.

You can also make an agreement with the right freelancer to perform tasks for you temporarily from time to time. This kind of flexibility is what builds up your business in the long run. When your workforce is flexible, it adds to efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations. Moreover, it adds to high-quality output.

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