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February, 04, 2015 by Josianne Cimon author workhoppers

Co-working space is a great solution for the new flexible workforce. Freelancers and entrepreneurs who work from home know that finding the right place to get work done can be tough. Some places are too noisy, too crowded or just downright uninspiring. The trick is to find the perfect space with little distraction but high creativity. Let’s take a look at what the options are for freelancers and new entrepreneurs:

Home – The Comfort!

Home may seem like the best place to work at first. It is by far the most comfortable, largely because jogging pants are perfectly acceptable. However, someone working from home will tell you that there can be a lot of distractions.  Doing laundry or having a snack instead of doing work is always lurking. When kids are at home, the distractions can be overwhelming! If you are the distracted type, it can sometimes be difficult to work from home.

Cafés – The Ambiance!

Cafés are also always a good option. Some cafés have amazing atmospheres and the caffeine fix is never too far. The only problem with cafés is that they can get pretty noisy. Sometimes, before you know it, the café is crowded and it can be tough to get any work done. Here’s a tip: if possible, go to cafés at night! People don’t walk into cafés as much at night, and it gets a little bit quieter. You also need to be considerate not to stay too long in a café! See blog “Freelancers and Coffee Shops: Both are steaming Hot!

Libraries – The Quiet!

If you are looking for the least distracting space, you belong in a library! If you have a deadline and you need to be at your most productive, go to your local library or go visit a school library. Libraries, unfortunately, are not a long term solution as they can become a little bit dreary if you spend a whole day there in complete silence. It can also be a pain if you need to make a phone call to a customer.

Co-working space – The sharing advantage!

Today, modern co-working spaces may provide the perfect solution to the search dilemma of where to work as a freelancer.  Before getting into a long term lease consider the benefits of a co-working space.  A co-working space is a place where spaces are shared between different companies and contractors.  The use of co-working space is on an upward trend for self-employed workers, workers who travel a lot, freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups. They enable workers to have a work space where they can meet and conduct business without the high cost and responsibility of renting a full office space on their own which can be pretty pricey.

Having a co-working space has two big advantages: collaboration and networking.

When companies share communal space, they tend to create an atmosphere that inspires collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. This can become a huge advantage for start-ups who sometimes do not have specific knowledge in house in a certain area. It can also be a great way to learn about a certain industry for self-employed workers or freelancers.

Networking in a co-working space can also become a great asset for companies. The office is literally filled with people who know people and people who are working towards a common goal of building their business. Leveraging this network can take your business to the next level.

Before getting into a long term lease consider a co-working space. They are much more affordable, easier to maintain and can be so much cooler than any office you can afford on your own.

Your co-working space can be a lot cooler than any office you may afford on your own

Your co-working space can be a lot cooler than any office you may afford on your own – Griffin Camp, Montreal

Before you go exploring options in your city consider what perks or services that may be important to you. Look at wifi, fax, and conference room availability; are there landlines and kitchen areas? Does the co-space encourage collaboration and interaction?  Do they have events? What companies could you be sharing the co-working space with? How long are you looking to commit for: a day, a week, or a monthly term?

Comprehensive list of some of the best co-working spaces across Canada:

Happy hunting!

City Name Description
Barrie, ON The Creative Space Values collaboration and connection between companies to create new business opportunities.
Burlington, ON Burlington Hive Unique space to grow your business without having to commute to Toronto to find a place to work.
Edmonton Unitb Values and supports people who do what they love.
Calgary, AB Assembly Coworking Space Interactive environment for like-minded people.
Calgary, AB The Commons Calgary Boutique co-working office for local innovator to cultivate their business and talents.
Gatineau, QC Creagora A shared, collaborative and networking space created for and by its members for small and medium businesses.
Guelph, ON 10Carden Living lab for social change promoting collaboration and exchange of ideas.
Kitchener, ON Workplace One Where teams collaborate and deliver great results.
La Prairie, QC Camaraderie Boutique loft like space with comforts of home and amenities of an office.
Moncton, NB Workspace Moncton Provides the space, environment and flexible options for those who are looking for the freedom to work when, where and how they want.
Montreal, QC GriffinCamp Made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs that share the same reality and value resource sharing.
Montreal, QC Halte24-7 Driven by business development in a contemporary and modern atmosphere.
Montreal, QC Cooperative ECTO Facilitates successful collaborations and new opportunities.
Montreal, QC Ideal Coworking Facilitates new idea development from business collaboration of other self-employed.
Montreal, QC Le 6cent1 Facilitates idea exchanges and collaboration, for small enterprises and self-employed business people.
Montreal, QC Espace-360 Offers an industrial chic look, dynamic work atmosphere to leverage synergies between companies
Ottawa, ON The code factory Fosters business development, from concept to execution by providing entrepreneurs with services and resources that they need.
Ottawa, ON The Hub Ottawa For innovators, artists, professionals and entrepreneurs to create a positive impact.
Quebec, QC Espace Koala Adapted to freelancers while encouraging cooperation, collaboration and networking.
Regina, SK Queen City Hub Non-profit co-working and skill sharing space in which people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines can connect and collaborate.
Regina, SK Cowork regina Provide the best home for early stage start-ups, freelancers and artists.
St. Catherines, ON Fueled Minds Creating a productive work environment for entrepreneurs, startups, remote workers, freelancers and creative.
Sudbury, ON Rethink Green Catalyst for positive environmental change.
Surrey, BC Beta Collective Flexible space designed to accommodate a number of working styles and preferences.
Toronto, ON Whitespace Common Boutique collaborative work space inspiring women, work and wisdom.
Toronto, ON Camaraderie Community that encourages collaboration about the space, as well as about the projects.
Toronto, ON Gizmolabs Holds disruptive startups and entrepreneurs to create successful minimum viable products for today’s market.
Toronto, ON 85 King East A purpose-driven co-working space for small business owners within the communications and consulting fields.
Toronto, ON Acme Works Supporting work environment that provides its members access to a network of experts.
Toronto, ON Social Innovation Catalyst of social innovation, turning challenges into opportunities to improve our community and the world.
Toronto, ON High Park Commons Quiet space dedicated to writers, editors, bloggers and journalists.
Toronto, ON Workplace One Where teams collaborate and deliver great results.
Vancouver, BC The Cranium Provides advisors and partners, business development veterans and a community of meaningful connection to help tech projects grow.
Winnipeg, MB 245 Mcdermot For individuals and businesses to join a multidisciplinary community that values creativity and collaboration.

If you need to find new projects to work on, create your profile on and sell your skills.  And if you need help developing your business, search for the right workhopper to get the job done.

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