Coworking spaces defeat freelancers’ solitude

April, 05, 2016 by Brooke McLaughlin author workhoppers

It is clear that more and more professionals are seeking a life with flexibility. Some are looking to reach that magic point called “balance”, others are searching to start their own business and fulfill the need for entrepreneurship. In any case, the number of freelancers in North America and the world is increasing at significant rates. It is estimated that United States alone has 50 million freelancers and that one in three individuals are freelancing one way or another which often means working alone rather than working together with others. Coworking spaces comes to fulfill the need to surround oneself with others.

There are many benefits of freelancing but our freelancers on have indicated that one of their most common inconveniences is isolation – solitude. “It is not good for a man to be alone”.

Working alone

So what is it that pushes human beings to connect with others and seek opportunities for working together? Like Adam and Eve, freelancers have a natural need to surround themselves with other freelancers. And the best way to get to work together this is to work in a place where freelancers are located, coworking spaces.

working together

My advice to professionals when they decide to go on their own is to find a flexible work space close to their home where they will find freelancers and small companies working together. Many coworking space solutions are available in main cities. Spaces like Wework with locations in New York, Boston, Denver, Chicago, Montreal, Los Angeles and elsewhere provide an infrastructure conducive to interact with others in the same situation. Accelerators and incubators for start-ups also create a sense of community that supports the development of a freelancer’s business. Even traditional virtual offices where you can have meetings with customers or hang out for the day are a solution to defeat solitude.

So what are freelancers getting from these coworking spaces? As single people look for companionship, freelancers look for support and understanding. Perhaps a little divine inspiration would help us.

Divine Inspiration

1.- “I will make a helper suitable for him” was what G-d said to Adam before creating Eve. As Adam needed help, freelancers need many different expertise to develop their business and very few people are good at everything. In order to be successful as a freelancer, you need to be multidisciplinary. You require the technical expertise, marketing skills, sales skills, administrative knowledge and more. Being in an environment that hosts dozens of capable individuals will help you answer questions in areas where you may not have the necessary experience. Accounting issues, internet marketing, SEO practices and so many other relevant subjects are fundamental in the development of your own practice.

2.- “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” can be understood as the need for a large network to spread your idea, to sell your services or product, to find customers, suppliers and other skills. It is only by meeting and telling your story that doors will open and opportunities will present themselves.

3- “There was no end to his toil, yet his eyes were not content with his wealth”. And yes it is ok to have fun. When you enjoy doing something you tend to not only do it stronger, better, faster, longer, etc., but you tend to get it done with a smile on your face (what could be better?). While it is not impossible it is hard to have fun by yourself. So find a group of individuals that are going through the same challenges and meet over a drink or coffee to compare notes. It is not good for man or a woman to be alone, not pleasant nor comfortable nor agreeable to a person’s nature. So finding the right place for you where you connect with other freelancers that can complement your skills and help develop your business is key.

At we try to foster a sense of community which we feel is essential for your well being and for your business growth. Find the coworking space that is good for you.


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