Female Entrepreneurs at 50: The Best Time to Start a Business

February, 03, 2021 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

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Female entrepreneurs are often seen as young jean wearing women in their 20’s working 100 hours a week. Although this is true for some, many of us are double that age and wearing skirts. Unfortunately, many funders and government grants are only dedicated to young entrepreneurs under the age of 35. Is there a fundamental issue with age and starting a business?

Many people believe youth equals energy, so you need to be young to succeed. After all, when you attend hi-tech events, you immediately realize that most people are 25 to 35 years old.

Raising toddlers consumes a lot of your energy

But 50 can be the perfect age for starting your own business! Raising children takes an enormous amount of energy. When you’re preoccupied with your kids, it’s difficult to maintain productivity at work. But once your kids become more independent, you get more time back. That’s why starting my business as I approached 50 was the most natural and convenient time.

Female Entrepreneurs at 50 have a renewed energy and strong desire for independence

Once your children become older and more autonomous, things change. You have more time, and you start thinking about your contribution to life and your community. It is the aha moment! Life is now more than raising kids, taking care of your home and your family, or answering your boss.

Fifty is definitely the best time to become a female entrepreneur. You feel liberated! You have the energy to create something that belongs to you. You want to use your years of accumulated experience and skills developed as a result of working and raising a family.

Firstly, when you’re 50, you have a greater likelihood of succeeding. You know what you want, you are “wiser,” you have seen failures, and you have learned from your own mistakes. Secondly, you are confident, tempered and more responsible. You also seek flexibility and independence and want to manage your own schedule at your convenience.

But more important, by now, you have developed the necessary skills to succeed.

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Women after 50 have the skills to succeed as entrepreneurs

After decades of research, Stewart Friedman of Wharton University found that there are 3 types of skills to succeed in life by integrating the 4 dimensions of life: work, family, community, and self. He summarizes them as follows:

1- Skills for being real: Being Real means that you know what matters to you. You can prioritize the different components of life and you are consistent with yourself wherever you go and whatever you do. Your values are clear and your actions reflect them. By now, you have reflected on the legacy you want to leave.

2- Skills for being whole: Being Whole requires you to express your needs, values, and goals to the people around you. At 50, you have developed a personal and professional network that will support your initiative. Plus, you have clear goals of what you want to achieve.

3- Skills for being innovative: Innovation makes you focus on results and accomplishments. You can challenge the status quo and find new ways of doing things. Change no longer scares you.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Moreover, you can leverage all your talent, expertise, and skills to create your business idea. And the best part… you are more likely to love and enjoy what you are embarking on.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Understanding a need comes with experience, which in turn, comes with age.

So it’s never too late to become a female entrepreneur, even at 50! It’s an excellent time to take risks and succeed.

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