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December, 17, 2014 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

For those who haven’t heard, SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a way to make your site more visible in popular search engines (aka Google). And if you want to survive in this digital world, you will have to find a blogger.

Now, it doesn’t take very long to understand that we currently live in a digital/Internet era and that the way to get noticed is not all about the look or color choice of your site; no, it is about how easy it is to find your site and how often your site will pop-up in the first or second page of a search engine (lets be honest if you’ve ever actually searched the third or fourth page of a Google query, you are pretty desperate).  Google likes quality content and if you want to get to the first page of Google, without paying an arm and a leg, you need to supply it. That is where the need for hiring a good blogger comes in and of course why you would need to know how to find bloggers. One of the best ways to make sure your site gets visibility through SEO is to use a knowledgeable blogger as the messenger to help share your expertise with the world. Lets look at why companies must constantly be writing and disseminating as much knowledge as possible and learn exactly how to find a blogger.

How to find bloggers

Some clear advantages for companies to blog and know how to find a good blogger:

Being seen as an authority in your field: By creating professional content people will associate your company and web site as a place to get solid information and visit you often to find it.

Higher page ranking: Essentially, the higher a page is ranked in a search engine, the more visitors it will get. So the thing is that by using popularly searched keywords, your site gets bumped up in “searchability”; and that is exactly where bloggers come into play. Bloggers specialize in writing content that includes trending topics and the right keywords; thus, using their articles as a means towards visibility is a popular Internet marketing strategy among successful organizations. Bloggers create pages with relevant keywords to attract traffic.

Boosting SEO by providing Google with fresh content: Search engines love fresh content. But, how much more information on your business can you create? How do we provide Google and Bing with new content on a regular basis? That is where an expert blogger comes in. They can help you come up with ideas that your readers are interested in learning about.

Create opportunities for sharing with your stakeholders: Every time you post a blog you create an opportunity for your customers and potential customers to interact with you. Whether you post it on your site, on a third party site, on your Facebook page or tweet it, you are sharing information and providing an opportunity for customers to comment and interact with you.

By generously giving you will receive back: When a company is generous with what they share, giving useful information to others, this is appreciated and remembered by those who receive it. It might sound trite to you but this is how life works, give and the world will give you back.


With all the advantages of blogging, today bloggers are in high demand.

Blogging is huge and keeps growing. Even by the end of 2011, NM Incite, A Nielsen,McKinsey company tracked over 181 million blogs around the world, up from 36 million in 2006!

There are over 6.7 million people publishing blogs and another 12 million writing blogs using their social networks. They consist of well educated people (7 out of 10 bloggers have gone to college) and are mostly women.

So this leads us to the final and important question, there are many bloggers out there and I want a good one but…. .how to find a blogger?


How to find a blogger

You can search online for topics that are important to your company and find a blogger who are already writing about them. Get in touch with that blogger directly and ask them to blog for you. If they are real experts in the field, you may have to pay a hefty price. But, then again,  if they are well known with a large following, this will help direct traffic to your site faster.  Another alternative is to find bloggers on talent marketplaces. Most of these sites act as an intermediary and take a commission on the price of the project so read the fine print.

If you would rather simply pay and work directly with a professional blogger you can connect with them easily at where local bloggers and SEO experts, who are looking for freelance, contract, gig and part time work, advertise their skills, at no cost.

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