How to Find Freelance Work with Workhoppers

May, 09, 2016 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

Whether you are new to freelancing or a seasoned consultant, using online Networking platforms is an efficient way to find clients and promote yourself. Workhoppers provides you the venue to find freelance work based on your skills (for free!), experience, availability and more. The Workhoppers’ matching algorithm connects you (the freelancer!) with potential clients based on your profile. We’ll get to more of that below, but first a quick start-up guide that will help you get the most out of the experience and show you how to find freelance work.

Creating your profile?

You’ve created an account, great! Welcome. Now what?

The Workhoppers’ database consists of freelancers and companies seeking freelancers. A company’s job postings, are sorted by what kind of projects they need to hire for.

The key to getting the best matches to find freelance work? A detailed profile. So it is not just about creating an account. The key is to create a great profile. Input as much information as you can, including whether you can work from home, your availability, and as many skills and experiences that are relevant. Use good keywords in your profile description too. This will allow a greater variety of matches, and give you the chance to find a project that’s suitable for your professional goals. Be sure to upload your resume and a professional photo, that is so important!

Workhoppers profile

No middleman?

One incredible feature that Workhoppers offers is direct correspondence between the employer and the person looking for work. Once your profile is completed, companies can contact you directly, and you can browse and apply for any job by connecting with the company via email, phone, or career portal. This way, all of the correspondence, negotiation, and planning is done by you and your client in a timely manner. Other freelance sites take a commission and staffing agencies charge hefty fees on these introductions to help find freelance work.

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What are Matches? Alerts?

Once you have completed your profile you will receive alerts notifying you that a job posting, for which you fit the description, is available. Likewise, employers will get alerts that a new potential freelancer has the skill-set, availability, mobility, and experience that they are looking for. All of these matches are also listed on your profile dashboard under “MY MATCH,” where you can review them at any time.

Match alerts

To search or not to search?

As an alternative under the “Find a flexible Job” tab is a list of the most relevant positions on the first page, gradually decreasing in relevance in later pages. On the left is a quick search engine module that can be used to narrow the results. Filling out a keyword search is one way to narrow down a search. Alternatively, leave the keyword, experience, and availability boxes empty, in order to return a wider range of jobs that may not meet all of your criteria, but can be negotiated to be suitable.

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Workhoppers provides a venue for you to manage your own business, communicate with your clients, and decide the terms of work cooperatively. This platform allows you to find meaningful work while also exercising your freelancer muscles, ensuring client satisfaction, building professional relationships, knowing the value of your work and time, and building your resume. Workhoppers gives you  insight into where the freelance market is at the moment, what employers are looking for, and what type of work is sought out by companies to be done by contracted freelancers rather than permanent staff.

For more information on how to find freelance work and put your best foot forward, look at our other blog on soft skills.


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