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June, 13, 2023 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

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Sometimes people underestimate the work of a freelancer. This is maybe because they work from home and do not require a dress code. But in fact, working as a freelancer is often more demanding than a regular office job, especially because freelancers have to learn many different skills to do their job. From constantly marketing their business, managing their finances to maximizing their time. Freelancers have to be independent and well-rounded to make a living. For those reasons, having the right freelance tools is essential. We have scraped through the data and found 6 Freelance Tools to maximize your efficiency and increase your success.


Focus Booster – Tracking tasks

Focus Booster  is an ideal freelance tool to keep track of how much time it takes you to complete tasks, letting you optimize your performance and get your work done more effectively. This App helps you split your time into 25-minute work sessions with 5-minute breaks improving your productivity. It also generates invoices and reports to share with your clients. They even have a free starter package that includes the time tracking feature.


Workhoppers – Finding flexible jobs

Workhoppers is where Freelancers can create a professional profile and advertise their skills to vetted companies in their own city. It is a completely free freelance tool to find business opportunities. Using your profile details the powerful semantic algorithm matches you with the right projects. No need to scrutinize over hundreds of job sites. Match alerts come to you when it finds you the right opportunity. Likewise, vetted companies can look through profiles and contact matched freelancers. No middleman. Most freelance sites charge commissions and other hidden fees. Workhoppers is a completely free freelance tool for you to find flexible jobs!


Trello – Project management application

Trello is a freelance tool that allows you to manage all your tasks, it is like a to-do-list, so you can have everything you need to work on the main screen. In addition, Trello, allows you to add other people such as team members or contributors involved in your different projects. In this way, you can track tasks, checklist, and create reminders.  Moreover, Trello has a free package to support your freelance activity.


Bonsai – Contract proposals

Usually, companies provide their own contracts, but sometimes you can be faced by a situation where they ask you to provide a confidentiality or service contract. For this reason Bonsai Freelance Contract seeks to simplify freelancers’ lives by offering a series of templates. Their pre-designed formats allows you to easily add or remove clauses, and sign digitally online. Contracts are available for the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Start free!


Wave – Accounting and Invoicing software

Waveapps is a free software that is easy and friendly to use for small businesses or freelance activity. It is called a one-stop money management where you can create invoices, make payments, track your accounting and even manage a small payroll. Wave is an ideal free tool for a freelancer.


Xtensio- Create documents and presentations

Last but not least, Xtensio helps you create beautiful documents and presentations to create your proposals, present your findings or help you communicate your ideas to your clients. Drag and drop, resize, change backgrounds, and specify colors and fonts to match your brand. This tool lets the team work on living documents easily shareable with your clients. Always up-to-date with a simple link.

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