Hiring freelance game developers to stay competitive

November, 25, 2020 by Brooke McLaughlin author workhoppers

Ironbelly Studios, based in Montreal Quebec has been rocking the gaming world since 2009 thanks to talented freelance game developers. They have literally changed the way games are made. Ironbelly provides creative and technical services to Indie game studios as well as medium to large studios. Specialized in both, game development as well as non-gaming commercial apps for Mobile, PC, Console and VR. Their mission is to consistently deliver world-class quality by empowering and organizing the world’s greatest talent of game developers. If COVID has you feeling a bit confined, take a peek at this gaming company’s awesome portfolio, and get the travel feeling you crave. 

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Why hiring freelance game developers

There are a variety of reasons why so many companies today are hiring freelancers instead of full-time employees. As described in detail in Top 5 advantages of hiring a freelancer, hiring freelancers often reduces cost, increases the speed of projects, allows flexibility, and more.

Ironbelly Studios is a forward-thinking gaming company that has tapped into the benefits of hiring freelance game developers. Their business is very dynamic and requires extreme flexibility in hiring top talent to rapidly scale up and down to stay in the game.

All this cutting-edge development requires a great team and Ironbelly knows just how to harness that.

As Ryan Wiancko, CEO of Ironbelly studios says about hiring the best freelance game developers:

“We need to do this in a way that is agile and cost effective. And hiring freelance game developers gives us access to a much larger talent pool than through traditional channels.”

How to find top game developers

Ironbelly is constantly on the lookout for top freelance game developers in Montreal and across Canada. They were using Google and Linkedin but a year ago they discovered Workhoppers. As Ryan put it “ever since discovering Workhoppers almost all of our serious hires happen there”. The company has successfully found freelancers for several positions such as: Senior NET developer, marketing experts, graphic designers, a Business Analyst, a bookkeeper, and executive assistant. Ironbelly has hired using the Essential plan at a fix rate of $59 to pro-actively search the database of professionals and connect immediately with the selected candidates.

When the Ironbelly team does not have the time to hire, they take advantage of the Concierge service where Workhoppers’ team does it all to find the right expert ready and available to start working.  Unlike headhunters or other types of agencies there is no commissions or agency fees but rather a competitively priced fixed cost of $325 per recruit.

When asked how his experience was using Workhoppers, Ryan answered:  

“Outstanding in all regards. The service we’ve received has exceeded all of my expectations, the talent we have found has been top notch and much faster than anywhere else.  We couldn’t be happier.”

Ironbelly Studios relies heavily on freelancers to run their business. Being able to quickly find the right skill when needed has allowed them to stay competitive and at the top of their game (no pun intended)!   Workhoppers is delighted to help them find the right professional every time!

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