How To Work Effectively with Your Freelance Graphic Designer: 3 Tips to Know

January, 18, 2021 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

Are you looking to work with a freelance graphic designer? Meet Helder, an experienced Graphic and Industrial Designer. Helder has worked for top companies in the automotive and aerospace industry.

Helder, freelance graphic designer

Helder also moonlights as a freelancer. We interviewed Helder to get a glimpse into his life.

For Helder, freelancing is a creative outlet. Freelancers get to choose which projects and assignments to undertake. As Helder puts it, “the extra income never hurts!” As a result, he gets to work on projects that are “fun and interesting challenges.” Helder is passionate about improving brands by correcting branding deficiencies. He loves the satisfaction he feels when clients are happy with his work. He loves to exceed their expectations

Helder provides you with 3 concrete tips for hiring a freelance graphic designer.

Clarity is important when hiring a freelance graphic designer

freelance graphic designer

“Firstly, be clear about what the project requires and what the final deliverables are,” Helder says. He prefers to have an outline for what the client needs. This includes colours, branding guidelines, and even display requirements.

“My job isn’t to write it, it’s to fit and massage that information into the final product. Right from the start, I’m making sure that I understand the details needed in the final design. Therefore, I can work around any challenges. “Give me a framework to create my design.”

Hiring a freelance graphic designer can be a little scary! Manage it like any other project. Just know that defining the deliverables is vital to the project’s success.

Communication is key to successful projects

freelance graphic designer

Helder recommends being open to discussions with the designer since “they are professionals.” As with any project, the client has to allow for open communication. Helder says that “as graphic designers, we need to express our creativity and share our professional opinions.” Creating grounds for open communication will result in mutual satisfaction.

Creating open communication encourages your freelance graphic designer to share their ideas. You will enjoy their creativity.

Trusting the freelancer graphic designer ensures best work

freelance graphic designer

“Trust that they will produce the best work they can for you.” It’s crucial to trust that the person you hired has the necessary skills. That is why you hired them! “It’s common to create a design, but be micro-managed and told what the final design should be. We are graphic designers. We have the training, artistic skill, and, experience needed. Trust us to make design decisions that make sense and work with the project. Often, clients aren’t designers but they have an image in their minds. Once they see their design, the final product doesn’t catch the eye. There isn’t any harmony to the design because they aren’t professionals. Thus, trust is crucial to allow the creative to be creative!”

It’s not easy letting others make decisions for you about what is best for your company. After all, it is your company. But outsourcing to a designer you trust can bring optimal results. Do not put constraints on their ideas. Let them do what they do best. You will likely love the results.

You are successful as a freelance graphic designer when your client is happy. Their success links to satisfaction and repeat business. If you’re looking to hire a freelance graphic designer that you can trust, contact us today!

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