What’s Unique About Freelancing in Canada?

January, 27, 2021 by Brooke McLaughlin author workhoppers

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Freelancing in Canada is one of the best places for self-employed workers! Canadians have always known that Canada is a special place to live and work. But here’s why freelancing in Canada is particularly awesome:

Freelancing in Canada is Flexible

Firstly, workplace flexibility is more common as technology erodes the traditional 9-5 jobs. Therefore, companies are now hiring freelancers to do specialized jobs. Moreover, these jobs are often remote with flexible hours. Freelancing in Canada has taken a strong foothold. Freelancers are continuing to thrive.

Canada’s publicly funded healthcare system is one of the reasons freelancers do so well. There’s no need to struggle to pay for expensive private insurance or medical care. It makes leaving a large company with insurance benefits easier. Access to coverage does not serve as a roadblock for Canadian freelancers.

Growing your client base is crucial to the success of a Canadian freelancer. In fact, people find 65 to 85 percent of all jobs through networking. The smaller size of the Canadian population inspires strong networks and close-knit communities. Furthermore, Canadian Business reported that the top 50 most powerful Canadian business people are well connected to each other. Some have common alma maters, others are part of the same families. The commonalities are endlessly layered. Successful Canadian freelancers should not take networking lightly.

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There is Funding for Freelancers in Canada

A recent article by Helen Racanelli shows that there is lots of help for those who want to freelance in Canada. The federal and provincial governments provide micro-loans, subsidies, and start-up funds. These loans and funds help freelancers and small-business owners. Moreover, Futurpreneur Canada and other organizations also offer funding. They work with the federal government to give freelancers financial support and other resources.

Workhoppers Makes Freelancing in Canada Easy

Freelancing is perfect for this ‘new economy’ and will continue to grow in popularity. Lastly, Workhoppers.com is a Canadian-based website, that helps freelancers find work in Canada. It’s completely free of charge! Workhoppers allows local companies to connect with local experts based on skills, education level, and more. In conclusion, Workhoppers makes it easier to freelance in Canada. So if you’re looking for your next client or you’re a Canadian company who wants to hire local talent, Workhoppers is for you!

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