The Best 15 Freelancing Courses you don’t want to miss

June, 07, 2019 by Brooke McLaughlin author workhoppers

When you just decide that you want to become a freelancer, you probably don’t think about all that it entails. There are many different areas that you need to think about. For example, taxes, handling clients and so on. You also might need to brush up on your skills and learn more about your industry. This is where courses step in to help. Here are some of the courses you need:

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Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course

This is one of the best courses on becoming a freelancer. Every freelancer should take it at least once because it makes a huge difference. Seth Godin is a famous freelancer with years of experience and he offers his tips, tricks and hacks on how to become the best freelancer possible. If you want a successful career, you will take this course. There he shares his tips, hacks and other things related to being a freelancer that will set you up for a really great career.

Going Freelance: Building and Branding Your Own Success

This is a Skillshare course that shows you how to build a strong portfolio and brand yourself to catch attention and get great clients. The guide is really simple to follow and it gives you all the right tips to make self-employment less risky and more fun. There are numerous people who have taken this course and loved it because of its value and how much it can help. Explore more than 25,000 classes to fuel your freelancer creativity on Skillshare! Get a 2 month free trial. See below for some important examples of classes you can attend!

Freelance Taxation

Freelancing means that you have to do your own taxes. It can be really stressful and annoying. However, with this course, your taxation will be a breeze. This course is made by a professional tax preparer who knows everything about deductions, planning and everything else about taxation. This course will give you everything you need and make your freelance journey much smoother.

And here are some more industry specific courses:

Become A Copywriter

When you want to become a copywriter, you need to learn everything you can about the industry. This means that you will have to brush up on the latest trends on writing for the online world. This is one of the best ways to earn money as a writer.

Here are some courses that can help you with that:

“This is an excellent course from Shani Raja which covers everything you need to know about writing for the online world,” says Rhonda Ames, writer at NextCoursework and 1Day2Write.

  • Editing Mastery: How To Edit Writing To Perfection (Udemy)

This is a course that will teach you how to edit properly – and we all know that editing is one of the most important things in copywriting.

  • – Creative Writing for All: A 10-Day Journaling Challenge (Skillshare)

This course is very practical and it teaches you more than just basics of creative writing.

  • – Copywriting Masterclass – Writing that Sells (Skillshare)

Finally, a course that will teach you everything about copywriting quickly and effectively.

Become a web designer

Probably one of the most common freelance callings, web design is a perfect thing for anyone who loves code and design. It’s not easy to learn but it’s one of the most paid branches and you will love every minute of it.

Here are some useful courses:

  • – Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS (Udemy)

HTML and CSS are at the basis of all web design so you need to learn
them first.

  • – Bootstrap Basics: Program Responsive Websites (Udemy)

Once you are done with HTML and CSS, learn Bootstrap which is a
framework that makes web design much easier.

  • – UX & Web Design Master Course (Udemy)

This is the best course for learning how to design websites that will
work well.

  • – Launch A Rocket: Learn JavaScript Basics The Fun Way! (Skillshare)

JavaScript is really important for web design and this course will teach
you JavaScript in a fun way.

Become a web developer

Web development is much harder than web design. It will all depend on what you want to do because there are many types of web developers. Here are some courses to take:

  • – The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 (Udemy)

This course is long but it will teach you all of the basics of being a
web developer

This is a course that will allow you to learn how to build web apps and
back ends

  • – Ruby on Rails in 30 Days: Build Your First Web App (Skillshare)

This course teaches you Ruby in a practical, fun way.

  • – Learn and Understand NodeJS (Udemy)

“Node is necessary for web apps. This course will teach you everything you need to know in this area,” says Andy Berk, a tech blogger at Write My X and BritStudent.

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