Get a freelancer: keep calm

August, 29, 2013 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

The magic lies in the easy way that technology allows to hire freelancers to come to the rescue and offer an extra hand or an expertise to help.

When you’re stressed at the office, feeling overwhelmed that there is not enough time in the day to possibly finish all the work you have, close your eyes and imagine the sudden appearance of a magic lamp.  From the storybooks you know to rub it and voila a freelancer appears and grants you wishes.

First wish, a holiday cruise somewhere warm, second a winning lotto ticket and third running away from it all.  Unfortunately, real life doesn’t work like that and you must get through that long to do list. But truth be told, these days, there is no need for imaginary genies, the magic lies in the easy way that technology allows us to get a freelancer to come to our rescue and offer us  an extra hand or an expertise to help.

What kind of work do Freelancers do?

Traditionally, freelancers have been designers and writers.  But a freelancer is a person who is self-employed and not committed to one particular employer. It is someone who performs tasks for multiple employers and can be compared to a professional sport free agent that works for different teams. Nowadays freelancers can be easily found on the internet offering  a variety of skills and services. Freelancers consist of writers, designers, event or party planner, sales people, photographer, marketing consultants, project managers, software developers, website developers, shoppers, lawyers, translator, accountants, bloggers, teachers, floral arranger, and social media experts. This list does not end -there are an infinite number of possibilities!

So if the employee lunchroom needs new tables and a fridge and there is no one to do the task, the Christmas party is around the corner and needs planning, the web site needs to be updated, photos for the new catalogue are needed, a document needs to be translated for a new customer overseas, or a company video is needed…keep calm and instead of wishing for a genie, remember your local freelancer who is ready to help on a moment’s notice.


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