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December, 02, 2014 by Samantha Padilla-Torres author workhoppers

If you want to play it smart, stay out of debt, and get some seriously valuable work experience, getting one of these good student jobs while studying is key. It is true that most of the good student jobs available during your education years are entry jobs, that does not mean they cannot be amazing ones. Here we compiled a list of good student jobs that will develop some necessary skills for your future career, whatever your field of interest may be.

Business consulting & Finance: While it may seem that you can only get into the business world once you graduate, finding a Business or Finance internship is primordial in landing your dream job in the future. Getting an internship in Strategy and Planning, Organizational Behavior, or any other subject aligned with your interests gives you an imminent edge once you are done with your studies. Having a resume with some experience in this field is key. Usually companies even pay you. Whether it is a small salary or a stipend, it is a win win situation.

IT & Software: If you are studying within the IT field, congrats! Chances are that you are in high demand (and yes that includes students). Co-Ops, summer internships or part time work as a developer, programmer, or web designer are frequently available.

Designing & Media: Whether you are studying to be a graphic designer, an animator,  a Photoshop expert,  or any other designing career, many part-time and freelance job are available. All you need is a good-ol portfolio to showcase your work!

Sales & Marketing: This is the area where you are likely to find the MOST opportunities as a student. Brand ambassadors, retail sales positions, and mystery shoppers, are just but a few of the constant influx of jobs available for students. Many of these jobs do not need any prior experience, a persuasive and energetic attitude will do. Also, you end up working with well known name brands which looks super good on your resume. Are you good with your own social media? How about helping companies with theirs? Find good student jobs under the Sales and Marketing category, assisting in Google plus, Facebook, Google ads, etc.

Specialized Trade Help: Although specialized trade help is one of those areas that are mostly reserved for well, specialized trade (aka graduates), one of the most popular student jobs are found here. You can become the assistant for a chef, dentist, or librarian; OR finding a job as a waiter/waitress or barista is also a type of specialized trade help good student job that can be found!

Writing/Translation: Know how to write well? You already have a blog? Are you fluent in other languages? Finding a job in the writing and translating world will not be a problem for you. Most of the times just having a way with words, rather than a diploma, is enough to venture in this field.

Administration: You can definitely find many entry-level opportunities in the administrative area. Perhaps the most popular student job in this field is that of an administrative or paralegal assistant.

Costumer Support: Jackpot! This right here is another student gold mine! Working at a call center or as a receptionist are a lot of times available with little or no experience; if you are a good communicator, are patient, and have a positive attitude look no further.

General Support: Popular student jobs such as an animator, game tester, data entry clerk, and many others, fall under this category. This is an area where you are also likely to find a job where experience is not necessarily required.

Volunteering: Last but not least, do not underestimate volunteering or unpaid internships. While you may not receive financial compensation, the value of solid experience a lot of times overrides money.


So there you go, no matter the field you are interested in as a student, Workhoppers has your back, the place to find vetted good student jobs.

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