Hiring A Freelancer 5 Things To Consider Before Committing

April, 11, 2018 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

Hiring a freelancer is becoming common practice in today’s economy.  Many companies depend on hiring a freelancer for specific projects, especially for the flexibility and many advantages this type of worker offers them. 

There is a large freelance market out there of certified professionals who enjoy the advantages of working on their own and provide to their clients top-quality-work in different fields. The important thing when considering hiring a freelancer is to clearly identify what you need for the project, what is the ideal person you are looking for, what are the skills or knowledge  that this person should have, and understanding what the parameters for negotiation would be.

Moreover, it’s proven that asking for external help to carry out certain projects in companies has the advantage of  avoiding burnout of the team. In addition it helps companies grow by including new perspectives from experts in specific fields. When hiring a freelancer there are 5 things to consider before committing. 

Hiring a freelancer


When hiring a freelancer, your project will be a priority to the freelancer who will fit the project into their schedule. One advantage to outsourcing to a freelancer is that the deadlines can be shorter compared to requesting the same task to an internal employee who must deal with other responsibilities within the company. Before committing to a particular freelancer, companies must consider, discuss and agree with the freelancer for a specific deadline in which they want to receive the final work. The stipulated time to carry out the work depends on how big or complex the requested project is.


Probably one of the most important factors to create a  good working relationship between both parties is communication. It is not a good idea to wait until the deadline to communicate. Periodic check ins are important to ensure that the project is going as expected. Before committing the project to your chosen freelancer it is always important to clarify what the communication method will be. Freelancers usually do business via e-mail, and depending on the project they may concede you to use Skype or phone calls. Typically though it is bests to keep a record of all communication in writing so that there are no misunderstandings. 

Hiring a freelancer with Specific Expertise

The great advantage of hiring a freelancer is the ability to hire a particular expertise on an as needed basis. Sometimes a project requires adding a person who has an expertise in a specific area that you don’t have on staff nor require on a permanent basis. Hiring a freelancer is always a good option because you are paying an expert just for the services you need when you need them. This flexibility translates directly to your competitiveness. So before committing to the freelancer be sure that they have the skills you need. Call references and see how well they performed. 

New Perspectives

By hiring people outside the company, there is the advantage of injecting new ideas to the organization. The members of the team can benefit from the freelancer perspective and experience. You should expect better results from freelancers because they are usually people who like to think outside the box and can offer you different perspectives to achieve the results you want due to their wide experience. Before choosing your freelancer understand their background and perspective. 

Rate/ Contract

It is always advisable to check online freelance rates according to the country where you live and sometimes there is a big difference between cities.  Rates do vary in the same market, depending on the experience of the freelancer and the particular requirements. Freelancers can be paid hourly or by the project. Careful consideration should be given when deciding which works best for you. Most on-line freelance marketplaces require you to pay the freelancer through their platform. Be aware of the different fees and commissions added to the cost of the project. Alternatively, if you prefer hiring a freelancer in your city directly without paying commissions or add on fees you can visit Workhoppers.  Either way be sure to create a contract that will clearly define end products, deadlines and stipulations to protect your business and manage expectations.

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