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May, 26, 2021 by Brooke McLaughlin author workhoppers

The number of freelancers is growing at a rapid rate. But, the demand for top freelancers is increasing too. Approximately 57 percent of businesses are seeing the advantages of using gig workers rather than in-house employees because of various cost savings, such as reduced overhead. To stay competitive and ensure you attract the right freelancers working for you, you need to have a comprehensive strategy.

You need to implement an action plan to attract the right top freelance talent. Stay focused and get results from your hiring effort. Read below and learn 6 tips that will help you attract the right freelancers.

Cultivate Your Brand Reputation

Whether your company has been in existence for fifty years or is a new startup, you need to continually maintain your brand reputation. This is important for all aspects of your business success, including attracting top talent in the freelance industry. The cream of the crop will more likely want to work for a company that has a good brand and proper marketing channels. Having an updated and tech-savvy website, quality products with informative descriptions, and amazing customer service reviews shows prospective freelancers that you are keeping current with changing technology and are a force to be reckoned with in your industry.

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Clearly Define Your Freelance Needs

You don’t want to waste your time or the time of the top freelance talent. When placing freelance employment opportunities on freelance marketplaces, clearly define the job description and specific tasks for the project. Write the advertisement with the freelancer in mind so you can answer questions they may have within the ad. Include details such as compensation and any unique perks your company offers to freelancers. Think about the ideal individual that you would like to work with.

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Create an Onboard Smooth Process

Nothing is worse for a talented freelancer than to be hired by a company who expects great things but gives no guidance. Make sure everyone who will work with this freelancer —including managers, administration, and editors — are on the same page when it comes to project guidelines and deadlines. High-quality freelancers will expect a smooth onboarding process. Start the freelancer orientation off right and continue to cultivate open communication throughout the lifecycle of their employment with your company.

Knowing how to onboard must include a smooth onboarding process and would include the following steps:

– Initial “welcome to the team” meeting or phone call

– Formal introduction with managers (face to face or video)

– Formal introduction with team members (face to face or video)

– Provide relevant project documents and guidelines

– Meetings to review technical programs (face to face or video)

– Keep communication lines open

Provide Valuable and Timely Compensation

Pay your freelancer a competitive rate. Do your homework and understand the cost for top talent. If you don’t provide competitive compensation you won’t attract top talent in the freelance industry. If there are unexpected delays with payment, keep the lines of communication open and let your freelancers know compensation is delayed. Top talent will appreciate your honesty, and this can cultivate continued trust within your professional relationship.

Implement Training Programs

Freelancers often have to fend for themselves when it comes to professional development opportunities. They may take online classes, webinars, or work with a professional mentor. However, you can become competitive in your industry and attract top talent if you offer freelancers invaluable training. This strategy works in two ways. You increase your chances of hiring high-quality freelancers, and you can get better work product. Augmented professional development is a win-win situation for both of you.

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Offer Unique Work Benefits

Many freelancers you hire can work remotely from home. However, that shouldn’t deter you from offering unique work benefits. For example, invite them for lunch with the team, allow them free consultations with your in-house HR Department. Consider some other unique ideas like the following:

– Host an annual free conference for freelancers

– Provide tuition reimbursement for online education

– Offer free consultations with coaches in healthy living programs

– Invite freelancers to attend company picnics and holiday parties

When you treat freelancers as an invaluable, integral part of your business you can attract high-quality talent. You can become known as a company that offers unique work benefits for freelancers.

Hiring top freelancers is more important than ever. Make sure you attract the right professionals who can help you achieve your business goals. Implement the strategies discussed in this article, and you can significantly increase your chances of attracting the right people to partner with you.

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