How To Deal with Work Overload

May, 02, 2019 by Brooke McLaughlin author workhoppers

What is work overload?

What is work overload? Work overload is what happens when someone has too much work to do, it is part of the reason why the 9-5 job is becoming a thing of the past and being replaced by freelance and flexible work options. Working independently and flexible allows more control over how much work one takes on. That being said, work overload happens to everyone – from freelancers to managers, and various professionals. But it doesn’t necessarily have to happen if we take on some good work habits.

Here are some ideas on how to deal efficiently with work overload and do more with less time:

Set Boundaries

Before the overload even starts, make sure you set some boundaries on how much work you can take on.  Don’t commit yourself with deadlines that you know from the beginning can’t be respected. Use strong tools for project management that will help you manage your time.



During working hours, eliminate all distractions. For instance, turn off your phone or at least the sound. Block social media on your computer unless of course it’s a part of your job to be on social media. Don’t answer your emails on-demand – set a specific time or time periods during the day for when you need to check them and let that be it.

your tasks

Do the hardest, most important tasks first. Most people mess up in this area because they do the easiest tasks first and then leave the hardest ones for later. But later they get tired from the small tasks and the hard ones take even longer and become more difficult to complete. Learn to prioritize and finish the most important things first.

similar tasks together

you have several similar tasks during the day, you should bundle them up and
finish them together. This will get a huge portion of your work done at once
and you will feel more motivated to work further.

is ok to hire help

Allowing someone to help you or do your work for you is okay. It is so easy today to find the right expertise to help when you are overwhelmed. “Build a freelance team with the right skills” that you can tap into when needed. Use marketplaces like Workhoppers or Upwork to get the right talent” says Tina Dunkin, a startup marketer at Revieweal and Boomessays.

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Set up a work schedule

Depending on what type of work you do, deciding on whether on not to bring home your work can be an important part of resolving work overload. Working after hours can help work overload but leave you unhappy and unbalanced. Try to leave work to work hours. As a freelancer, you might have a very flexible schedule but you also have to decide on how many hours a day you should be working. There is a time of the day where you should be done all work and take time for other aspects of your life. Even if your workplace is in your home, have a selected area where you leave your work and don’t go back to it after your working hours are done. It will wait for you on your desk the next morning you show up.

breaks often

the Pomodoro technique (time management method) can really help you get the
most from your day. Work for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. Repeat
this until your work hours are done. This works both in an office and in the
home setting.

accept new tasks

If you are already overloaded with work, don’t take on new projects. Even if you aren’t overloaded but you feel comfortable with the amount of work you have, don’t ruin that comfort with unnecessary tasks.

Talk about work overload

If you are feeling very overloaded seek help. Talk to a friend, a co-worker or a family member. As a freelancer, “If you feel tired and overloaded with work, talk with your client. Tell them how you feel and how your exhaustion is impacting the quality of work you do. Allow them to delegate some of your tasks or extend some deadlines,” says Rowan Murphy, a team lead at Essay Roo and UK top writers.

what is making you so tired

part of the work is making you tired? What element causes you to get tired? Is
it that there are too many things to do, deadlines that are too close or that
the work is too hard for you? Identify these issues and admit them. Act
accordingly. If the tasks are too hard, look for an expert to help you crack
the problem. If deadlines are the issue, ask for more comfortable deadlines. If
it’s about the amount, consider hiring freelancers for assistance on the

and relax

some meditation in your daily life. For instance, meditate in the morning and
whenever you feel overwhelmed. Find what is relaxing to you.

overload creates stress that affects our overall well-being. Make sure that you
follow these tips to create more time for yourself and to manage your life

About the author: Nora Mork is a lifestyle and career journalist at Big Assignments and Oxessays. She helps brands create better recruiting strategies, and also works as a business writer at Eliteassignmenthelp.

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