How to Freelance Successfully 6 Secrets

March, 10, 2015 by Josianne Cimon author workhoppers
how to freelance successfully

6 secrets of how to freelance successfully

The freelancing trend is on the rise and you want to be part of it. You like the idea of having a flexible schedule, diversified tasks, and choosing your clients. Yes, we like it too. But how to Freelance successfully? How can you make it as an independent worker? Freelancing is about building yourself a strong personal brand. The question, however, is always how to achieve this. Building any brand takes time, effort and sometimes some investment. Here are six little secrets every freelancer should do to build their personal brand as a freelancer while learning how to freelance successfully.

  1. Tell white lies

It isn’t every day that you are told to actually lie but it is  important to make people believe you are successful at what you do. Make sure you always seem very busy, this will show potential clients that you are ‘’in demand’’ and therefore, good at what you do. In many ways, freelancing is just like dating, play hard to get! It is human nature for people to want what others have.

  1. Never quote right away

It can be pretty demotivating to work on a project that does not compensate you quite enough. Finding the right price for your work takes time and work in itself. It is important to find out all the details of the job from the client, and from there do research on how much this is worth in the market. Don’t lock yourself in with a price that is not representative of the work you will be putting in. It may seem counter-intuitive but when beginning the negotiation process come in with the first number.  Become an expert negotiator and learn as much as you can on how to negotiate like a pro.

  1. Network

The freelance business can become very competitive sometimes. There are lots of professionals that are competing for the same jobs as you are. Be memorable! It is important to develop your people skills and be personable. Make sure you create and develop relationships with people, and leverage this network as much as you can. When dealing with clients, call them to discuss the project and start conversations with them, don’t just correspond via email, it is less personal. Meeting them face to face helps to further develop a relationship and build trust. Find a common interest with your client. Maybe you went to the same school, you both like tennis or your moms have the same name. Whatever it may be just make that connection.

  1. Be ahead of schedule

Clients will appreciate a freelancer that makes their lives easier. If your client is giving you a deadline, it’s a good idea to not only meet it, but to complete the project a little bit in advance (Not way in advance, that it looks questionable). This allows your client to meet their internal goals. Make sure you report back and give feedback all along the project when necessary to ensure that you are giving the clients exactly what they need!

  1. Be solution oriented

Always remember who you are working for. If the client is in anyway not fully satisfied with your work, find solutions! Remember the client is always right. The important thing is to not fight back and not insist. This simply means that you need to communicate with the client and understand their goals and objectives. Make sure you stay positive and that you listen to your client.

  1. Always give your 100%

Last but not least, always give your client your best work. This is the key to building a good personal brand. Even though your budget may be wrong, satisfying your customer should be priority #1 at all times. Good reviews leads to more work and jobs rolling in continuously.

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