4 tips on How To Hire Freelancers

January, 16, 2015 by Josianne Cimon author workhoppers

The demand for freelancers in today’s organizations is growing. More and more, companies are hiring contractors to perform projects for their companies, but they have also started to rely on freelancing for some of their core activities. Companies hire independent workers to complete important tasks that enable them to meet their demand, but without the high costs of recruiting a permanent employee. For freelancers, it is looking good out there. The question now is how to hire freelancers for your company? Here are a few tips to keep in mind…

1- Be specific!

Companies will often hire freelancers to accomplish very specific tasks. Often, it  is to perform a task the company does not have the resources or skills to do themselves. When writing the job post for freelancers, make sure to include as many details as possible. Include the set of skills that are necessary to meet your expectations. It would also be a good idea to specify the deadline for the project/task.  Don’t forget that freelancers are normally working on multiple projects at the same time. This way, you will only get responses from people who are qualified and available and who demonstrate an interest in the contract.

2- Ask for a cover letter and samples of work

Asking the applying freelancers to respond to your job posting, by email, with a short cover letter may be your best shot at finding the right one for your project. A cover letter will give you a clear idea of the freelancer’s interest in the contract, but also how his/her qualifications will benefit you in the completion of the project. Samples of past work will also be a great way to see what the contractor is capable of and see how this matches with your expectations. Be specific here too. Ask for deliverables in the different projects that he had participated. Duration of the project is also an important factor as it will give you an idea of productivity and efficiency.

3- Be proactive

When you are looking for a specific skill and want to find the perfect freelancer you want to do it quickly and efficiently. Use a freelance matching site to save you time in finding the right talent.  Use a site that allows you to reverse search through a database of those looking specifically for freelance projects where you can contact them directly and talk about the terms of the project. Many websites today also provide reviews of freelancers which can be very helpful too in narrowing your search.

4- Try to hire locally

It is true that with globalization and the availability of amazing technologies, you could  hire freelancers anywhere in the world. However, the benefits of having someone close to you are huge. Even if the project could be performed at a distance, having someone with whom you can meet occasionally to review progress, brainstorm and discuss the project can bring value to your organization. Developing a relationship with your freelancers could determine accountability. And notwithstanding the  advantages of sharing the same language, work culture and work hours.


Now that you know about how to hire freelancers, you are ready to post your job. Consider using a marketplace such as workhoppers.com where you can post one project for free and get matched with the right skilled local freelance professionals.

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