How To Write a Job Posting To Attract Top Freelancers

January, 05, 2022 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

There are many articles written about how to attract top talent with a good job post. However, there is not much information to be found on how to write a job posting to specifically attract freelancers and/or professionals for flexible jobs. Inspired by Linkedin’s e-book based on an analysis of 4.5 million jobs, this blog will address the specifics on how to write a job posting to attract freelancers in this competitive market.

Freelancers and professionals seeking flexible work opportunities have slightly different needs and they should be addressed in your job post. Indeed, the job posting details are so essential that at Workhoppers we include free editing of job postings with most plans to make sure it attracts the right candidates.

With these 6 tips to include when writing a job posting, you increase your chances to attract the right freelancers.

6 tips to write a job description for freelancers

Indicate flexibility in the title

Ever since the COVID pandemic hit, we see a rise in remote work opportunities as well as an increasingly competitive job market. In fact, according to a recent McKinsey report entitled the The Future of Work after COVID 19, the pandemic accelerated existing trends of remote working and virtual meetings.

The remote option is often seen as a huge benefit. You want to make sure to include that feature and emphasize any flexibility that you can provide. Consider adding in your job title, words such as:

  • Work from home
  • Remote
  • Virtual

According to Google trends, Remote is the most searched in the past 90 days in the US. In Canada, “Work from home” and “remote” searches are pretty equal. And according to Recruitics, these highly searched keywords can be found in the titles of most major job boards.

In addition to the remote feature, be sure to include the number of working hours needed and any time restrictions. Freelancers are often working on several projects at a time and letting them know this ahead of time will allow them to decide how they can fit this new opportunity into their schedule.

Explain the deliverables

You need to get right to the point and tell the reader what you need. Start by describing the scope and purpose behind the project, and try to be specific on the deliverables. A job posting to attract freelancers has to focus on end products and not activities or responsibilities.

include deliverables when writing a job posting for freelancers

Freelancers work mostly on projects and they need to understand what is expected from them by the end of the term. You might want to breakdown the project into several deliverables during the period of the hiring. Examples of deliverables are:

– document

– design

– software

– website

– a strategy

– article

– resolution of a problem

Specify the skills

When writing a job posting to attract freelancers you need to be very clear on the skills required to deliver your project. Hiring freelancers is not like hiring a long-term employee. When working with a freelancer you do not have the time to train and the professional does not have the time to learn. Be specific on the technical skills required, the knowledge needed and even the soft skills involved in the execution of the project. You can even mention the software that the freelancer will require to work with.

Mention expected compensation

You only have a few seconds to attract the attention of candidates.  

Although rates vary by experience, location and expertise, including your budget or at a minimum, a pay range is a good idea. Freelancers are professionals are not your employees so expect to pay a higher hourly rate than you would an employee.

Specifying the type of compensation might also be of interest to freelancers:

– hourly rate

– fixed rate

– based on milestones

Any additional perk or benefits are worth mentioning.

Specify the location of the job

Be very specific about the location of the job. Beyond a country or a city location, even your remote role may have additional location requirements. Some remote jobs require mandatory face-to-face meetings. Be sure to mention that.

Often terms like remote and virtual are confusing. Use “working from home” if you want the freelancer to be located in your city but can work from their home. And use the term “remote or virtual”, if you are looking to hire outside of the city and does not required face-to-face encounters.

Post early in the week

Like any job posting, try to post your job early in the week. Candidates view and apply most often on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Best time to post a freelance job

How to write a job description to attract freelancers in this competitive market is a question of demonstrating flexibility, explain deliverables, show potential compensation and be clear on the skills required and the location of the job. 

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