How To Write a Job Posting That Attracts Top Freelancers

December, 06, 2018 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

There are many articles written about how to attract top talent with a good job post. However, there is not much information to be found on how to write a job posting that specifically attracts freelancers and/or professionals for contract, temporary, work from home or part-time jobs. Inspired by Linkedin’s recent e-book based on an analysis of 4.5 million jobs, this blog will address the specifics on how to write a job posting to get you that top freelancer.

Freelancers and professionals seeking flexible work opportunities have slightly different needs that should be addressed in your job post. The job posting details are so essential that at Workhoppers we include free editing of job postings with every plan. Read on and learn how to write a job posting when seeking for a freelancer. With these 6 tips you will be sure to get results!

  • Formulate a clear and concise title

Unlike a title for a typical job posting, if you want to attract a freelancer you should specify the exact skill you need together with what they need to accomplish.


Graphic Designer to create catalog (YES)


Graphic Designer (NO).

In the above example if you simply write graphic designer you would be targeting professionals that are looking for full time jobs.

Take the time to formulate a good title for your job posting

  • Get to the point

You need to get right to the point and tell the reader what you need. According to LinkedIn it is best to keep your post at 150 words or less. By doing so you will increase the number of candidates applying by 17.8%. Keep in mind that you need to include the scope and purpose behind the project, deliverables and a timeline. So, no need to include the whole plan- just a short summary of your project would do. Be realistic when describing expectations. Be sure to include what skills are needed.

  • Don’t spend too much time talking about your company

Given that you need to be very concise and keep your posting at a minimum, do not take too much valuable real estate talking about your company but don’t forget to name the industry where you do business. Freelancers like to know if they can quickly leverage past experiences.   Focus on the job that needs to be executed. A good candidate will look elsewhere for company info.

  • What you must include in your job post

You only have a few seconds to attract the attention of candidates.  Although rates vary by experience, location and expertise, including your budget or at a minimum a pay range is a good idea. Freelancers are professionals that are not your employees so expect to pay a higher hourly rate than you would an employee. Be sure to include specific details: the type of engagement, fixed-cost/hourly, full time/part time, long term/short term, work from home/on-site/meeting frequency and location.

  • Keep a professional tone

According to a Linkedin survey, candidates are 2-4 times more likely to apply if your job posting has a more professional tone. Reflecting your company culture is nice but don’t go overboard. Make sure to pay attention to details like spelling and grammar. Have a colleague read over the job posting before submitting is a great idea. It is often hard to see our own obvious mistakes and typos do not reflect well on your company.

Proofread your job posting

Have a colleague read over your job posting

  • When is the best time to Post

If possible, try to post your job early in the week. Candidates view and apply most often on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Best time to post a freelance job

Know the best times to post your job

Competition for top freelancers is strong. Be sure to keep these 6 tips in mind when writing your job posting to attract top freelance talent.

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