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September, 08, 2015 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

HR blogsThere is no question that the world of human resources is constantly evolving: HR theory and trends are dictated by the sociocultural and economic patterns of the time. How do professionals keep up? Textbooks and night classes are traditional ways to learn new strategies and tactics but are costly and time consuming. The easiest way for all HR professionals to stay competitive and up-to-date is to follow the best HR blogs written by top industry professionals. Here is Workhoppers’ pick of five excellent HR blogs to follow:

The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

Created by Alexander Kjerulf, one of the world’s leading experts on happiness in the workplace, The Chief Happiness Officer Blog is an eclectic blog offering expert advice about navigating a career in HR. “Chief Happiness Offer” (CHO) doubles as the name of the site and as well as Kjerulf’s self-proclaimed job title within his own firm. His objective is to help HR workers recognize that they do not have to be the most hated department—instead they should be the foundation of morale and positivity for the whole company.

Women of HR

Women in HR is a blog dedicated to the development of women in business, particularly in the realm of human resources. A number of very accomplished women collaborate on this blog to discuss topics that impact their lives and careers. If you are looking to publish your own post, they always welcome guest writers!


TLNT is the most widely followed HR blog on the web and definitely for good reason. Published by ERE media, this blog is powerhouse of information on all things talent-related: analyses, news, management ‘how-tos,’ HR software and tech, and countless other topics. Some added perks offered by TLNT include webinars, a job board, and a daily e-newsletter anyone can subscribe to for free.

The Talent Tribune

The Talent Tribune stands out in the HR space because it is data-driven; their goal is to provide information and analysis of all things HR. The interface is so pleasant and user friendly it almost has the feel of a crafty DIY blog. But don’t be fooled by its light-hearted aesthetic; it’s packed with pages of hard-hitting data.

Evil HR Lady

Steeped with humor, this HR blog is simply addictive to read. Evil HR Lady takes a personal approach by often answering questions directly from the readers. Her sharp commentary has been around for longer than most of the blogs out there today, so the site has covered almost every topic you can imagine.

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