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June, 18, 2014 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers


The impending Canadian labor shortage that employers will face in the upcoming years is no secret; and indeed, the Canadian Government has not left the matter unnoticed. As one solution to the precariously low birth rates and the increasing number of employees reaching retirement age, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada has presented the International Experience Canada Program (IEC) as a hiring solution.

IEC Program

What is the IEC program?

The IEC programs, operated by the Government of Canada, enable thousands of students and young professionals (of participating countries), between the ages of 18 and 35, to come and work temporarily in Canada for up to 18 months. The program itself consists of four different categories: Young professionals, Internships, Summer jobs for students, and Working holiday.


What is in it for me as an employer?

There is a lot of controversy over the hiring of foreign workers and there are many opinions on the topic. This article will explore  the many benefits to employers.  First off this program suits those employers who want to hire foreign workers but do not want to face criticism from the bad publicity marking the hiring of temporary foreign workers program (see article “Hire Local Temporary Workers“).  IEC programs provide access to a pool of qualified professionals who are able to come and work without the employer involvement in the visa/work permit process or the Labor Market Opinion (LMO). In easy terms, there is no need for government approval.  In addition, companies are not obliged to pay the workers the prevailing market wage. In exchange Canadians can go work in participating countries.

Benefits of hiring through the IEC?

Thus, the IEC poses a real opportunity for employers to easily obtain a competent labor supply from all around the world.  Moreover, as employers, apart from the obvious benefit of giving access to skills and knowledge that the local labor force cannot provide, the advantages of hiring employees from diverse backgrounds are copious.

 For one, in terms of costumer service, having a workforce with international expertise and diverse language skills is an asset to any organization that intends to have a global business outlook.

Moreover, in order to avoid “groupthink“, having employees from different background ensures the sharing of innovative ideas and approaches, which potentially could make a major difference during decision-making and contribute to the growing economy.

Additionally, because IEC targets younger participants, the hiring of these employees can be more cost-effective than hiring more skilled individuals who may in fact have more knowledge than what you actually require.

Ultimately, International Experience Canada program  participants are likely to be more motivated, loyal, and flexible to your company given that they have made an active choice to travel in order to learn on the job. Absenteeism and turnover rates are thus, likely to be lower than average.

Following program completion, employers have the option to hire participants as permanent employees through their respective Provincial Nominee Program.

What next?

So during your next HR planning session take this available program in consideration; after all, the IEC is, without a doubt, a viable option to an imminent labor issue. Read up about the IEC program by visiting the government site and see how it can work for your company.

What does workhoppers think?

Written by the team at The governments priority should be to fill jobs with local Canadians first. However, we do  like the idea of having a pool of diverse talented individuals, here in Canada,  that are ready to satisfy temporary needs at your office.Indeed, the workers that come here are contributing to the economy  and this is preferred to outsourcing overseas. If your seeking to hire a local temporary connect directly at

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