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April, 14, 2015 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

In today’s entrepreneurial market, it is important to keep up with the new technology and to stay up to date with current trends. Freelancing can become very scary when you see the market changing and you can only rely on yourself to improve your skill set to stay competitive. There are many new websites that offer tutorials on line that help freelancers improve skills or acquire new ones. One such website, that we just discovered, is It got our attention as it was recently purchased by Linkedin. The mere fact that Linkedin purchased demonstrates the importance of learning new skills to stay competitive in the business world.

tool for freelancers

How do I know if I need to improve my skills?

One way to know if you need to improve the proficiency of your skills is by asking for feedback. Simply asking people in your field about their opinion on your work can provide you with really valuable information about your strengths and weaknesses. And never forget to ask for feedback when you finish an assignment. This is the best way to improve.

What skills should I take on learning?

Learning new skills is beneficial for everyone and particularly useful for freelancers to stay competitive. One way of staying on the ball when it comes to new trends and changes in your industry is to stay abreast by reading different blogs and podcasts all over the web by industry experts. Find an expert in your industry and follow him for updates on what new tools or skills you need to learn about to stay current.

Once a freelancer decides it is time to learn a new skill they can sign up for a local course or get a friend or colleague to teach them the ins and outs. If you cannot fit a course into your busy schedule or just feel a little uncomfortable asking a friend or colleague for help, there is a whole new way to learn new skills… check out new platforms such as (This link gets you a free 10 day trial). This type of web platform offers their users online courses taught by industry experts to help people develop skills and reach personal or professional goals. Courses in fields such as IT, Marketing, Business and Design are offered. It has never been so easy to learn!

These new resources are particularly useful for freelancers, as it provides them with essential skill improvement opportunities that are not always easy to find when you are self-employed. Freelancers can now make their own training and career management programs to ensure their employ-ability in the long run. Also, it is all online which makes it super flexible and convenient. Remember to let your clients know about your new skills. Give yourself a shout out by posting them on your online profiles.

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