Maternity Leave Replacement , Is Your Company Ready?

May, 10, 2018 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

A pregnancy announcement by one of your staff members is often met with mixed emotions. While you’re happy for the mom or dad-to-be, you may also be worried about finding a maternity leave (or paternity leave) replacement for your office. Where will you find someone with the right skills? How will you find a great fit? How much will it cost you to recruit the ideal candidate?

Maternity leave replacement can be challenging for companies of all sizes, but particularly for small and medium sized companies. In Canada, maternity leave and paternity leave benefits can last up to one year. As a manager or owner, you may be overwhelmed by the hustle of daily operations. Recruitment can be very time consuming, and often quite expensive. Creative, cost effective solutions are now available on the market.

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Prepare early for Maternity and paternity leave replacement.

Fortunately, there is a savvy Canadian company ready to meet your maternity leave hiring needs.

Workhoppers is a professionally managed short-term recruitment service offering low prices, no long-term commitments and no commissions. You get headhunter results without the steep prices. Imagine being matched with local, high quality candidates quickly and negotiating your terms directly with them. You no longer need to pay high fees and expensive commissions. Workhoppers delivers proven results. With a long list of testimonials from Account Managers, HR managers and business owners, you can be confident that Workhoppers is an affordable, reliable and trustworthy partner.

How does Workhoppers work?

Workhoppers has established itself as an industry leader. Featuring a smart, user friendly website, Workhoppers has a database of a large number of experienced candidates who can be contacted for immediate hire that are specifically  looking for a great short term job, or temporary job as a maternity leave position. The website uses a powerful semantic algorithm in order to match ideal candidates.

Workhoppers has different pricing plans. The most popular service to find a maternity leave replacement would be the Essential plan. It is the least expensive plan that allows access to the database to contact candidates for immediate hire ($59USD).  For those with no time to recruit a maternity leave replacement, they offer a Concierge plan. This is a fully personalized service where they do everything, post job, intake, interview, check references and  present you with  the right candidate ready and available to start working ($325USD flat fee/recruit)

Workhoppers has a plan to suit your company’s hiring needs and budget. The benefits include a wide online reach to a qualified pool of candidates, extensive social media and email marketing. You don’t have to enter into any long-term commitments, and you can delete your job posting at any time. Workhoppers offers white glove service. You’ll be impressed with the candidate matches.

Why do talented people join Workhoppers?

There are many reasons that motivate individuals to register for Workhopper’s short term positions. Some people enjoy the flexibility of contract work, because they can learn new skills in different work environments. High achievers often enjoy meeting new people, and doing different tasks. They don’t want to become bored or feel trapped. They may see short term work as a good way to network and advance their career. Adventurers like to plan extended vacations between contracts. A mat leave contract also attracts new grads looking for an entry level position.

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How should your office prepare for maternity leave?

There are a few steps to a smooth transition. Start by checking out Workhoppers to quickly resolve your maternity leave hiring needs in any province.

As soon as your employee confirms that they are pregnant or will be taking parental leave, ask him/her to create a Training File for the maternity leave replacement. The file should include a list of all tasks and responsibilities, and essential information – contacts, pricing, charts, policies and problem solving strategies. This information will be very helpful for the new employee stepping into that role. Pregnancies are full of surprises. Babies can come early, and mums can be put on bedrest with no warning.

If the maternity leave replacement was not hired before your staff member departs, and there is no Training File, assign another staff member to mentor your new employee.

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Start planning as soon as you learn about a maternity leave.

There’s always a learning curve, but maternity leave contract staff can excel in any position. Call Workhoppers today to find a maternity leave replacement  at 1-844-353-9975, or contact them online.

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Liz Wilson-Ciconte BloggerLiz Wilson-Ciconte went on a sudden maternity leave 8 weeks early, due to medical complications, leaving her office in the lurch. Prepare early, you just never know.  As an experienced writer and speaker, Liz has lots of great advice to share with corporate and non-profit organizations.

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