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March, 18, 2015 by Brooke McLaughlin author workhoppers

Statistics on freelancing reveal some interesting differences between female entrepreneurs who freelance, sometimes referred to as mompreneurs, and their male counterparts.  A study made by the Freelancers Union show that there are now 53 million Americans who are freelancing, that is about 34% of the entire American workforce. Whether it be independent contractors, moonlighters, diversified workers, temporary workers or freelance business owners, Americans are making the entrepreneurial move toward flexible work.  According to this study, 53% of these freelancers are women and often are mompreneurs.

As we can see, these numbers are pretty well balanced in terms of gender. However, if we look a little closer we can see some real differences in the motivations to work as a freelancer between men and women and understand more deeply the motivations of female entrepreneurs and mompreneurs.

Women are more likely to freelance for extra income. 71% of women compared to only 51% of men are freelancing for extra income, shows the Freelancers Union’s study. According, a UK business magazine, women are getting 58% of the freelance contracts advertised, and are actually earning more than men for doing them. To quote the author, ‘’freelance women smash the glass ceiling’’. This raises the interesting question whether freelancing would be the newest way to finally bridge the wage gap.

Women are more likely to freelance for more schedule flexibility. According to the Freelancers Union’s study, 58% of women compared to 43% of men are freelancing to gain more flexibility in their schedule. When juggling work, child care and housework all in one day, it seems much more realistic to be able to work around all the other responsibilities.

Women are more likely to freelance to gain independence from such things as office dynamics. The Freelancers Union’s study shows that 40% of women are freelancing to be independent from such things as office dynamics, when only 26% of men are doing the same.

Being a woman in the workplace is still, to this day, a disadvantage in the corporate world. Between wage gaps, motherhood penalties and the biased job evaluations, it only seems natural that women are moving towards being female entrepreneurs and mompreneurs , being their own boss and escaping the difficulties of organizations.

Written by Josianne at  Workhoppers where mompreneurs can advertise their skills for free to vetted companies that want to hire specialized talent on a just-in-time basis.

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