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March, 15, 2014 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers
Michaela Meltzer- takes on Multi-Level Marketing job

Stay at home Moms are also great candidates for flexible work options. One of which is a Multi-level Marketing job.

In today’s economy, more and more people are looking for various multiple streams of income and flexible work opportunities.  A Multi-level Marketing job is one such opportunity and offers so many choices to Gen Y, to Stay at home Moms and to anyone looking to earn an income while at the same time have flexibility in life.

The perfect career in most people’s mind would be finding a job with no boss, no policies, no compromises, no educational requirement, no company politics,more personal growth, low start up costs, tax benefits and freedom. But does a job like this truly exist?

Our Gen Y graduates study hard and finish their degree with the passed down belief, from their parents, that they will go out and find the perfect job for their qualifications just received, get paid well, stay for years and retire with a nice cushy retirement package.

Not anymore, sorry Gen Y. Our economy and the way our society is moving means that there is limited job security, getting a job in their field of expertise takes time and patience, plus entering the workforce is a lot harder than it was years ago.

Gen Y are the generation that contrary to many reports are hard working, but even though they have seen their parents work hard at the same job, the idea of a 9-5 job is really not exactly what they are looking for. That is why more and more Gen Y turn to flexible work opportunities.  One such opportunity is a Multi-level marketing job. For most, it is not replacing their careers but it is giving them choices they never thought possible while they are studying and/or working. A Multi-level marketing job affords them the freedom to set their own hours, to be their own boss, and to network.

Network Marketing is not about luck, it is a business, it is called netWORK  not netPLAY marketing for a reason. Living the life you want instead of a life other people want you to live is rewarding. Life skills are learned, you have to face your fears, you learn to solve problems, you feed your mind and you grow stronger. All skills needed to prepare for and be in the workforce. Multi level marketing is not just business it is BIG business. According to The Economist,  Jan 5th 2013, “The Bottom Line”  in 2011 direct selling (the vast majority of it through multilevel marketing) by around 92 million distributors generated gross sales of $154 billion world wide(Direct Selling Association).

Gen Y are THE net workers of the 21st century! Their entire lives are in the social media and networking is what they do best.This is the key to making them ideally suited to network marketing type jobs. I was just introduced a few weeks ago to a 21 year old Concordia University student who is currently earning between 3-8000$ a month in her Multi-level marketing job/ business, the same one that I am affiliated with! Not bad at all for a side business!

Stay at home Moms are also great candidates for flexible work options. Those looking to get back into the workforce face difficult obstacles.

I include myself in the above category, not a native Canadian rather born and raised in Australia, but a qualified high school teacher who taught very briefly when I first arrived; it was difficult to find jobs. I chose to stay home and bring up my triplets who are now teenagers. I worked very hard all these years and was up for a new challenge. A year ago, it was time for me to get back into the workforce but what on earth was I going to do??

I needed a job that was flexible so that I could still be able to taxi around kids when necessary. I did not want to work full time but to work at hours that suited me. I wanted to earn decent money too. I was presented with the opportunity of Network Marketing. Skeptical at first for various reasons, I explored it-I made sure that I was dealing with a legitimate company and spoke to people that I trusted that had great success with this company. Then I dove right in. I am so thrilled with the choice I made.

If you are looking to be your own boss, set your own hours, build a significant side income alongside your current commitments and create an international business from your home, then Network Marketing may be an option for you.

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