What not to do in a Job Interview

August, 01, 2016 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

The must know list of what NOT TO DO  during a job interview.

1- During a job interview recruiters will often ask “What companies are you talking with?” Don’t tell them! Keep the negotiation leverage. Instead your answer should be something like “I am enjoying talking to several interesting organizations”.

2- Don’t talk too passionately about the job. It is safe and a good idea to say that you are interested but don’t say that this is the ONLY company you want to work for.

3- Another common question during a job interview is: “What was your salary at your last job?” This question can be quite nerve racking. Do not tell them. Relax and just say you are focusing on a particular range – not a number – and mention it as your target.

4- Be sure not to get forgotten. Stand out, bring your full personality.  Recruiters often interview and receive hundreds of applications. Make sure they remember you. Being forgotten can often be the reason you won’t get the job.

5- That being said, be aware though that HR people are afraid of making a bad hire. They too worry about keeping their job and often seek a safe hire. So yes stand out but bring out your full personality with the boss and not so much with the HR manager who would prefer a bland hire.

6- The new way to sell is based on the customer’s pain. What will you relieve for your customer? Apply this theory of pain relief to your job interview. For example, don’t just say how many years experience you have. Instead, say you specialize in closing the deal.

job interview pain relief

7- Confidence is good you will be relaxed. But, beware that fake confidence comes off as cocky, do not fake it.

8- Do not apply for a job or go for that job interview until you research the company, review Linkedin profiles and press releases. At the end of the interview, you may be asked if you have any questions. Have questions ready before hand to show that you are interested in the job and are well prepared. Cultivate questions. Also, try to tell at least one story where you saved the day at work. For example: taught someone to do something, came up with a better process, helped a customer out of a jam, dealt with 2 employees that were arguing, learned from a mistake, dealt with a difficult person.

9- Body language: Sitting stick straight like an obedient child is not the way to sit during a job interview. Just relax and ask questions. Do a few jumping jacks, stretch or go for a walk before, obviously do not let them see you 🙂

stretch before a job interview

10- Do not ask about the vacation policy of the company during a job interview.  Your job as a candidate is to prove what you can do for the company. Do not talk about perks until negotiations and after you have been offered the job.

11- When asked about a former job, be professional and NEVER bad mouth a former employer.

12- Never answer a call or text during a job interview. This is rude. Turn your phone off.

job interview texting


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