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June, 06, 2013 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

There are many benefits for companies to outsource with local freelancers and these must be considered when looking at the different options of on-line talent marketplaces.

Thanks to Talent Marketplaces on the web, companies now have access to a vast army of potential workers who are just a click away. As the June 1, 2013 issue of the Economist mentions, the industry of online work topped $1 billion this year and is expected to double for 2014 .

You can certainly take advantage of the millions of freelancers on different workforce sites in the cloud. They have created a revolution in the possibility of hiring a qualified workforce from many different developing countries at lower prices.

But before going abroad for price reasons, consider the many benefits of hiring a temporary workforce locally:

Deciding to choose local freelancers has many benefits

Deciding to choose local freelancers has many benefits

Hiring locally is not only about promoting your own economy; hiring locally has many advantages for companies when outsourcing different tasks and expertises. Some projects obviously require a physical presence, such as Project Management, Consulting, Training, or simply office help.

In the other cases where a physical presence is not absolutely required, such as many IT projects, the advantages of hiring locally for companies might outweigh the price difference of hiring from developing countries.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to meet with the person that will perform a sensitive task for you to have a feeling of whom you are hiring for the assignment? Isn’t it important to have somebody responsible and accountable for handling your sensitive information? Can you really apply the law in most of the developing countries that provide the service? Do you feel comfortable revealing customer data, web files, payroll information, your latest innovative marketing idea and much more? Is it important to you to be in the same time zone? Will you need quick responses? Is speaking the same language/clarity going to make the project run efficiently?

There is definitely a significant and growing market for online outsourcing but when interaction and confidentiality is at stake, don’t forget to look for a local freelancer.

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