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What is Outsourcing: 6 steps to successful project implementation

May, 23, 2013 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

Despite the benefits of outsourcing over the past decade, many companies have only recently begun to implement its use while others are still in the planning stages. Make sure you know exactly what is outsourcing, what are the benefits and what are the challenges before implementing a project.   Decide on what parts of  your… Read the full article

Local Hire is the right choice: Attention Diane Finley

May, 14, 2013 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

There has been lots of talk recently in the news about the need to encourage companies to consider the local hire of temporary workers in Canada. This all came about when it was discovered that RBC had hired temporary foreign workers to replace their local hire employees. In a recent article by CBC news posted May… Read the full article

Temporary Workers and Freelancers Top 5 Advantages for Business Success

May, 08, 2013 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

According to CNN Money we are entering the beginning of the era of the American freelancer. Employers enjoy many benefits from hiring freelancers or temporary workers. Let’s look at the top 5 advantages of using temporary workers: 1-Reduced overhead Consultants and temporary workers do not receive health care, retirement benefits, vacation time and may not require additional… Read the full article

Become a Freelancer consider these 8 Steps to a New Career

April, 08, 2013 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

Have you been thinking about what you need to do to become a freelancer? Wondering what it could be like to have your very own business? Looking for a little independence? Well you are not alone.  There are 42 million freelancers in the U.S. today and those numbers are continuing to grow. More and more… Read the full article

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