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5 Easy Steps to Upgrade Your Multitasking Skills

January, 16, 2018 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

Did you know that only about 2% of the population are actually good at multitasking and this is often considered a genetic gift!? (Strayer) Yet, it seems like almost every job advertisement for remote, work-from home, telecommuting or freelance lists multitasking abilities as a job requirement. So, if Strayer is correct and only 2% if the… Read the full article

10 Resume Tips From the Pros

November, 30, 2017 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

HR managers are getting pickier about which resumes make the cut for an interview.  Therefore, if your resume is not getting noticed,  you need to do what it takes to make sure it stands out from the crowd. Follow these 10 top resume tips from professional HR managers and get hired. 1- Use Power Words… Read the full article

Best practices to negotiate your freelance rate

November, 08, 2017 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

As a freelancer or entrepreneur one of the most important skills that you have to master is negotiation. Negotiating your freelance rate is key to your success. Negotiation is not necessarily a natural skill but luckily it is something you can acquire with knowledge and practice. Most freelancers would prefer to invest all their time… Read the full article

Des Pigistes: Guide Pour Embaucher

October, 09, 2017 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

En tant que nouveau propriétaire d’entreprise, il y a beaucoup de choses à craindre. L’embauche d’employés permanents pour aider à développer votre entreprise se trouve au sommet de cette liste. C’est sûr et certain que vous ne voulez pas engager la mauvaise personne. Mais qu’en est-il de savoir quand vous devez embaucher un pigiste? La… Read the full article

Hiring Strategy For Start-Ups

August, 15, 2017 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

Read on and learn why this hiring strategy can get your start-up off the ground and running. Companies of every size today are hiring freelancers for all types and sizes of projects. Long gone are the days when freelancing was considered a hobby or a cheap method to get work done. Nowadays, freelancing is serious… Read the full article

How to Effectively Manage a team of freelance Content Writers

July, 05, 2017 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

Hiring freelance content writers could benefit any company if both the recruiting and managing processes are handled smoothly. Professional writers can deliver you high-quality content even if they don’t attend your office each day. However, without proper management, they could remain a group of writers instead of a team – and that could be a… Read the full article

5 Tips for Managing Flexible Schedule Workers

June, 30, 2017 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

A flexible schedule can benefit both workers and companies, but only if handled right. On the one hand, they can boost the employees’ productivity by increasing employee satisfaction and even prevent valuable workers from quitting. On the other hand, a flexible schedule can lead to a drop in production and to other troubles regarding your… Read the full article

Author a Rock-Solid Freelance Contract

May, 30, 2017 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

While the world of freelance offers many great perks including increased flexibility and independence, it also entails fulfilling important responsibilities such as executing a freelance contract prior to starting work. Just hearing the word “contract” is enough to induce anxiety in some solopreneurs. Perhaps you aren’t sure where to begin, or find it too time… Read the full article

Freelance Photography: 6 Tips for Success

April, 14, 2017 by Evelyn Kaczmarek author workhoppers

Freelance photography seems to dominate the freelance world today—and with good reason. With the rise of social media and technology, photography has become a more accessible art form. Artists are more satisfied with their jobs than non-artist professionals and freelance photographers are no exception to this. With the freedom to chart their own paths and… Read the full article