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How To Write a Job Posting That Attracts Top Freelancers

December, 06, 2018 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

There are many articles written about how to attract top talent with a good job post. However, there is not much information to be found on how to write a job posting that specifically attracts freelancers and/or professionals for contract, temporary, work from home or part-time jobs. Inspired by Linkedin’s recent e-book based on an… Read the full article

How to Pay Freelancers : Hourly vs Fixed

September, 27, 2018 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

Time DoctorWhen you decide you want to hire a freelancer some things are pretty clear; you will need to post and advertise your job where you will state the skills you need, provide an idea of the timeline and  establish a budget. But things can get confusing when it comes to deciding on how to… Read the full article

Ultimate Guide to Grow your Business with Freelancers

September, 05, 2018 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

Globalization and the internet revolution have been leading more and more people to look for independent work.   This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. They can now take advantage by tapping into a pool of talented professionals with varying skills. When you can rely on an on-demand pool of experts to create a brand, a website,… Read the full article

Maternity Leave Hiring , Is Your Company Ready?

May, 10, 2018 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

A pregnancy announcement by one of your staff members is often met with mixed emotions. While you’re happy for the mom or dad-to-be, you may also be worried about finding a maternity leave (or paternity leave) replacement for your office. Where will you find someone with the right skills? How will you find a great… Read the full article

Health Insurance for Freelancers : 5 Tips

May, 04, 2018 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

Whether you are a part-time or full-time freelancer, the one thing you’ll have to learn to live with is fluctuating finances. In the good times, you have more work than you know what to do with and your bank account is teeming with cash. In the worst of times, clients are few and far between… Read the full article

5 FREE Freelance Tools to maximize your productivity

May, 03, 2018 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

Sometimes people underestimate the work of a freelancer. This is maybe because they work from home and do not require a dress code. But in fact, working as a freelancer is often more demanding than a regular office job, especially because freelancers have to learn many different skills to do their job. From constantly marketing… Read the full article

Hiring A Freelancer 5 Things To Consider Before Committing

April, 11, 2018 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

Hiring a freelancer is becoming common practice in today’s economy.  Many companies depend on hiring a freelancer for specific projects, especially for the flexibility and many advantages this type of worker offers them.  There is a large freelance market out there of certified professionals who enjoy the advantages of working on their own and provide… Read the full article

5 Easy Steps to Upgrade Your Multitasking Skills

January, 16, 2018 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

Did you know that only about 2% of the population are actually good at multitasking and this is often considered a genetic gift!? (Strayer) Yet, it seems like almost every job advertisement for remote, work-from home, telecommuting or freelance lists multitasking abilities as a job requirement. So, if Strayer is correct and only 2% if the… Read the full article

10 Resume Tips From the Pros

November, 30, 2017 by Guest Contributor author workhoppers

HR managers are getting pickier about which resumes make the cut for an interview.  Therefore, if your resume is not getting noticed,  you need to do what it takes to make sure it stands out from the crowd. Follow these 10 top resume tips from professional HR managers and get hired. 1- Use Power Words… Read the full article

Best practices to negotiate your freelance rate

November, 08, 2017 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

As a freelancer or entrepreneur one of the most important skills that you have to master is negotiation. Negotiating your freelance rate is key to your success. Negotiation is not necessarily a natural skill but luckily it is something you can acquire with knowledge and practice. Most freelancers would prefer to invest all their time… Read the full article