4 top Recruiting Challenges

May, 26, 2015 by Brooke McLaughlin author workhoppers

Being a recruiter is not easy; finding high quality and talented workers for a particular role within a company can be a very detailed, challenging and time consuming process. There are many recruiting challenges to overcome.

Talented and loyal workers are increasingly difficult to find; many employees (especially younger workers) no longer want to stick around at a company for the long run and will often move from one organization to another. In addition, talented professionals are seeking to become independent and when the opportunity is presented, they move to freelancing. Under this scenario, recruiters are facing the challenge of continually attracting top talent.. .Below are four of the top recruiting challenges and some tips on how to overcome them.

Recruiting challenges

Challenge #1 – Finding a good hire quickly

Most companies simply don’t have a lot of time when it comes to finding a good candidate for a role or an upcoming project. Quick deadlines are common in recent years, and fast growing companies can’t afford to have vacant roles for very long. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on recruiters to find workers as quickly as possible.  Being indecisive and delaying a hire can cause you to lose top candidates.

Tips: Be Proactive.  HR professionals should continually look at their recruitment tools such as employee management software to decrease the amount of time they spend inputting information on a job role or a candidate profile. It is a good idea to also proactively pursue candidates that fit a need rather than standing by and waiting for the right candidates to apply. Sharpen your search skills and gather the appropriate keywords on skills needed to find the right match.

Challenge #2 – Staying up to date with technology

The technology that competing companies are using for recruiting is always evolving, and as part of a recruiter’s job obligations she or he will have to stay on top of technological changes in recruiting tools and software. Every type of software has its own learning curve, and as a result it can be a challenge to have to learn new software or a new tool while responding quickly to recruiting obligations. However, the more experience a recruiter has with various technological tools; the easier it can be to learn new ones when needed.

Tips: Get the latest platform for applicant tracking and recruiting. There are many good applicant tracking systems and recruitment marketing platforms out there which can help make the recruitment job easier. When it comes to posting jobs online, if you do not have the time or are not familiar with where to find candidates and various social media strategies, ensure that you find a job posting site that does and can quickly focus and find you the right potential candidates.  Good people are difficult to find if you are not using the right technology.

Challenge #3 – Competing for the best workers

As the economy begins to improve, the power starts to shift more toward the job seekers rather than the employers. As a result, it is increasingly difficult for recruiters to attract and maintain the most talented candidates for their companies. Social media plays a big role as it make positive or negative comments about the company work environment public information.

Tips: Market your brand to job seekers. It takes a lot of work to recruit people to a particular company. But imagine if people were lining up at the door to work for your company? You can accomplish this by creating workplaces that people enjoy working in. In other words work on your employment brand and ensure that you are highly rated as an employer. Follow up on reviews for your company on job boards and address the comments.

Challenge #4- Lack of resources

Managing the recruitment process with limited resources and budget is a challenge that is the reality for most recruiters. In fact, most SMBs have a hard time competing with larger deep pocketed companies. Big companies can offer amazing benefits and will pay top dollar to get the best talent.

Tips: Find your employment brand. You need to think about why someone would want to work for you. This can include company culture and employment perks. There are many benefits that SMBs can provide that do not cost a fortune and are appealing to today’s worker. Flexible hours and work from home options have little impact on the bottom line but are extremely attractive to the employee. If you have a job that has some flexibility, you can post one job free, no commissions, at Workhoppers; their specialty is matching the right candidates with freelance, contract, seasonal and part time opportunities saving recruiters time and money.

And if you need some help in recruiting, call a freelancer.

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