The Technology Propelling The Remote Working Revolution

July, 16, 2019 by Brooke McLaughlin author workhoppers

There is little doubt that the future of work practices is remote working. In fact, this style of working is already employed by a number of innovative businesses, and as society faces up to more and more ecological issues caused by transportation concerns, not to mention the cost saving a made on physical office spaces, this practice will inevitably become more common place. Its attractive for employees, who can work from wherever they wish to be (Read more about location ideas for remote workers), and increasingly attractive for employers too. Here’s how employers train their remote workers. Of course, it is technology that is facilitating this revolutionary change. Here are just some of those tech innovations.

4 key tech innovations that paved the way to remote working

Virtual offices

Virtual offices are hardly a new concept, but they have undoubtedly been instrumental in the move towards remote working practices. They bring with them a number of important benefits, such as a footprint in a physical location that does not have to be a bricks-and-mortar workspace, while they tick a number of regulatory boxes too. Virtual offices can also enable the hire of employees in a certain jurisdiction (but from a remote-working standpoint, of course) while protecting all security concerns that you may have. Quite simply, virtual offices have allowed the penetration of new markets without the need for a physical presence, which is the very definition of remote working.

man remote working in virtual office

The Cloud

The cloud enables remote working practices from the
viewpoint that all working resources, including all the data that you need, is
stored remotely and therefore accessible from any location with an internet
connection. With properly implemented working practices and procedures, as well
as the right setting for access, this technology is the very definition of
doing away with the physical workspace.


Remote working in the modern world would not be
possible unless there was a high-speed internet gateway which facilitated all
the tasks and functions that need to be carried out in business. 5G is the
infrastructure which allows the transfer of vast swathes of data, facilitates
the needs of the IoT sector, and will allow for all the rigors of machine
learning and artificial intelligence. We need a modern format of connectivity
to withstand all of the demands of the modern business world, and fortunately
with 5G that connectivity has arrived. It is not available everywhere as yet,
so there are still issues to overcome, but the capability is there, and the
sooner it is rolled out globally the sooner the whole planet will be able to
facilitate these remote working practices.

Machine learning

Machine learning is revolutionizing much more than
work practices, but from a remote working viewpoint, advancements in machine
learning are vital. Think about the capacity to analyze work practices and data
transfers, monitor and track for inefficiencies, and then assist in the
prioritization of tasks and increase efficiency of practices. These are all
vital concerns in a physical workspace shared by many employees, but when
employees are working from various locations, the potential challenges become
greater. Machine learning is the way in which business will ultimately
successfully integrate remote working practices into one well—oiled machine
will facilitates growth and success. It is the combination of decreased costs
and increased working efficiency which will ultimately sell remote working to
even the hardest of heads. A change in culture will only be facilitated by a
change in results (for the better).


Of course the number of
individual apps and software solutions facilitating remote working practices
are staggering, but it is these four developments listed here that have truly
inspired and supported this change in approach which continues to gather pace.
The benefits for the planet and society are potentially game-changing.

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