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March, 18, 2014 by Samantha Padilla-Torres author workhoppers

flexible like a rubber band

From silicone cupcake molds, to yoga classes, to non-traditional work schedules, there is no denying it, flexibility is in and so is the need for a freelance resume.
Let’s start off by saying that a flexible job is one that does not conform to the typical and ‘good-old’ 9 to 5 parameters and that rather, it tends to adapt to an employees preferred work schedule. In times where YOLO (“you only live once”) has become a thing, many employers are now aware that people are in fact more productive when fulfilling personal time is awarded in the job.
Today’s job market is almost completely comprised of Generation X and Y employees, whose professional mindset has shifted from “living to work”, towards “working while living”. Thus, what do Generations X and Y seek the most? It’s this little thing called “work-life balance” you might have heard a thing or two about.

The pioneer generation that seeks life balance

The thing is, Generation X children had a higher probability of experiencing their parents’ divorce or job loss as a result of downsizing than any other preceding generation. And thus, given their parents’ failed marriages and commonly witnessing both their parents working, this generation is the pioneer in pursuing work and life balance as a lifestyle. That is, for the first time money does not seem to be the sole and only incentive a job can offer! Generation Y then, has taken it a step further and now seeks for opportunities that do not only respect this balance motto but that in fact prioritize flexibility above all things. Yet, apart from Gen X-ers and Y-ers, a quite surprising group which is now hopping into this flexibility wagon is actually semi-retired Baby Boomers who want to keep working to be productive. All generations aboard the non-traditional job train! No question about it, working from home, part-time, temporary, and freelancing, are now all commonplace terms in today’s jobs market.

What does your freelance resume have to do with any of this?

Well, any recruiter who knows anything about anything will tell you that an effective resume is a tailored resume; so if you are looking for a non-traditional job, your resume should definitely reflect the work’s flexible nature, it should be a freelance resume. Moreover, the days of recruiters personally reading every resume (especially during the first round of selection) is long gone, and now computers are the ones in charge of picking-out if an applicant’s resume is similar enough to the position in question. How? Well, through the matching of keywords. Recruitment software is set up to list the amount of “matches” between the key words associated with a job opening and the key words listed in a resume. Therefore, keywords are now essential in building your resume; you have to not only make sure that you are the ideal candidate for the job, but also that the words you type reflect just that. In the case of non-traditional jobs, your freelance resume should reflect and include words associated with adaptation, flexibility, and open-mindedness. More importantly, the freelance resume of a flexible worker will be transformed and enriched, compared to 9-5 employees, with a more holistic and wide-perspective that could only be obtained from working in various jobs for a whole range of clients and employers.

Get help to create a freelance resume

All of this may be a bit overwhelming for some and when that is the case, it is a good idea to get a professional to help you create a freelance resume that will grab the attention of both the computer and the recruiter! You should consider using an on-line resource such as Top Resume to get the help you need. Another important point to consider, in getting yourself noticed, is creating the right online profile. In fact, the profile today goes hand in hand with the resume and is the first impression that a recruiter sees. It has become, what was traditionally, a firm handshake greeting. Use the same tactics when creating your profile and be sure to take advantage of every opportunity to present yourself. Carefully consider the words you use when asked to talk about yourself and be sure to include the same keywords used in your resume.

Create profiles on freelance marketplaces

Companies such as Workhoppers provide freelancers, and those seeking flexible work, an opportunity (at no charge) to create a great profile and get seen and matched with companies. Basically free advertising! They specialize in matching talented candidates looking for flexible work with local reputable companies. You will be searched and found thanks to those same keywords.
Clearly, instead of having standard, rigid resumes for classic, unbending jobs, shift towards unconventional, “rubber” resume’s for innovative, flexible jobs.

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