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Flexible Jobs

March, 02, 2015 by Josianne Cimon author workhoppers

Flexibility in the workplace is gaining a lot of attention in organizations. Flexible jobs are agreements between the employer and the employees to have alternatives to the regular nine to five jobs. Its advantages are becoming clearer for both the employees and the employers. Important organizations have been researching this trend and have concluded that… Read the full article

Diversity in the workplace

December, 22, 2014 by Josianne Cimon author workhoppers

A growing concern in HR is diversity in the workplace and how to deal with this. This isn’t an easy issue to tackle. Managing diversity in the workplace is becoming a hot subject in the field of HR because of its immense impact on companies. In some cases, leveraging diversity in the workplace can drive… Read the full article

Why work from home just makes sense today

June, 03, 2014 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

Work from home and flexible work in general, are in right now. Why? Well because they make sense. So sit tight, here are the top reasons why work from home in the 21st Century is increasingly not being seen as an “alternative” form of work anymore. Whether you work from home 100% of the time… Read the full article

6 Steps to getting your career profile noticed

July, 23, 2013 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a steady stream of clients, if you are a freelancer, you are probably right now looking for your next project.  Making a good first impression is crucial to Freelancers and to anyone.  This applies to whether you are looking for part-time, full time, flexible or contract work, how you present yourself… Read the full article