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Beyond Kelly Services

February, 12, 2014 by Brooke McLaughlin author workhoppers

There are many reasons why a company would want to hire a flexible or freelance worker; a worker who comes into the office, with the right skill, when a company needs it. A worker that is willing to work on a temporary, contract, seasonal, gig, project or part time basis. Let’s face it, there are… Read the full article

Are Temp Agencies Becoming Obsolete?

July, 19, 2013 by Brooke McLaughlin author workhoppers

It is clear that the industry of flexible work is on the rise. Revenues of temp agencies for placing temporary and contract workers was $104.8 billion in 2012, up from $98.3 billion in 2011 based on American Staffing Association estimates. But with new easier methods of finding temporary help being offered will the temp agency become obsolete? The… Read the full article