How To Turn Temp Job to Permanent Job

December, 12, 2013 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

How to turn temp job to permanent job? Learn some tips on just how to do that. Keep in mind that the reality is that the hiring of temporary workers is exploding. The number of temps has jumped by more than 50% since the recession ended four years ago to nearly 2.7 million. The use of temps has been seen in sectors that have seldom used them in the past such as professional services of lawyers, doctors and information technologists. We are seeing a shift towards a less committed relationship between the firm and the worker. An associated press survey of 37 economists in May of 2013 found that three quarters of them believed that the increased use of temps is a long standing trend. Companies want to avoid having too much staff during a downturn and instead prefer hiring on an as needed basis. The use of temps and contract workers keeps companies competitive. (Christopher S. Rugaber, “Temporary Jobs Become a Permanent Fixture in the US”, Associated Press)

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Easier to turn a local temp job to permanent than a virtual one.

But full time jobs will always be needed and from the company’s standpoint, a temporary assignment  gives them time to evaluate the employee and see if they have the right skills to be hired full time. They can make sure that the employee fits in with the company culture and that they work well with those around them. On the flip side, for the employee it is a chance to see if you feel comfortable with the new employer and co-workers and it is an opportunity to show an employer what you have to offer them and get your foot in the door. You can compare this to living together before getting married.

Here are some tips to turn that temp or contract job into a full time position (if that is what you desire) or another contract:

1-Find out what their policy is on hiring temp employees. If a permanent position is a possibility express your interest without asking for a job right away. Be patient and not too pushy in overselling yourself.

2-Learn about the company: Research as much as you can on what the company is all about. Understand their goals and mission. Check out the company website, read recent articles about them and look carefully at what products and services they offer.

3-Be reliable: Show up on time and always prepared for work. You may have experience from working at other companies which can be helpful. Make a list of ideas to be more efficient. This will show initiative.

4-Show enthusiasm for the job: Take your job seriously and be of great service to all the people you are working with. Anticipate their needs and look for new opportunities. Proactively offer help without being asked.

5-Network: Get to know those key people in the company and keep in touch with these contacts. Make an effort to introduce yourself. The people you work with can help you get repeat projects or a permanent job. They can also provide you with information on any openings coming up.

6-Adapt to the company culture: pay attention to the work environment. Dress and act in a way so you blend in but also balance that with being friendly and approachable. Stand out and be unique. You must exceed expectations to get noticed.

Finding temp jobs through a temp agency can often prove expensive to the employer and make it less likely for them to hire you on a permanent basis. There are online talent market places today which help you to find temporary work. But many of them are virtual jobs. If you would like to turn that temp job into a permanent one then focus on temp jobs in your own community so that you can get to know your employers well and network yourself face to face. It would also be a lot easier to transition to a permanent job without having to uproot yourself and your family.  To find local temporary jobs visit where the focus is on finding LOCAL temporary, contract or part time work opportunities.


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