Advantages of Using Freelancers to Resume your Business

July, 17, 2020 by Vera Gavizon author workhoppers

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has been a multifaceted challenge. Besides people dealing with the previously unencountered psychological challenges, businesses all over the world have been affected by the new coronavirus. Many industries have suffered from a cessation of their activity, while others have struggled to carry on at least at a minimum.

challenges during covid-19

Gradually, many businesses have resumed their activities, although at a slower pace. The challenge is still here as many businesses have shifted towards a new approach. Fortunately, if you want to go back to business or get your start-up running, there are a few strategies you can implement to achieve your goals and reach more positive horizons.

Using freelancers is one of them and that is what we will focus on today. One of the major changes triggered by the COVID-19 lockdown is the significant rise in work-from-home jobs. While freelancers have been around for quite a while now, they are in demand more than ever. They are worth considering if you want to keep your business going while on a limited budget. Here are some of the advantages of using freelancers to resume your business during Covid-19.

Using freelancers to operate under extreme uncertainty

Under these challenging times where nobody is certain on when “normality” is going to be back, freelancers are a tool that allows you to keep operating while reducing the stress of complying with a payroll. Since for most businesses activity has been reduced, you find yourself with less employees to face the different functions of the business.

If you were one of the companies that were forced to let go of a significant amount of personnel you are now certainly missing specific skills for the operation of your company.  Hiring freelancers will help you regain the needed skills on a contract basis.

Hiring freelancers not just give you peace of mind but it also allows you flexibility to keep going.

Freelancers to control your budget

One of the greatest advantages of working with freelancers regards the financial aspect. Now that you are operating under COVID conditions (minimum staff) and uncertainty of future demands, using freelancers to complete projects allows you to have a better control of your operating budget.

Having a set of freelancers on call with the necessary skills to operate your business is basically giving you the possibility to scale up or down as necessary.

Freelancers in case you need to pivot your business activity

A third good reason to use freelancers versus full time employees under this crisis is that it gives you the flexibility to pivot your operation to where profit calls. And pivoting might require a different set of expertise that are easily and quickly found by hiring freelancers.

Crises is difficult but sometimes they bring an opportunity to renew and create a different future. As an example, my favorite soap and shampoo company converted their lines of production to antibacterial gel in the first weeks of the pandemic supplying a deficit in the market.

We are certainly entering a time in which people change consumption patterns and businesses such as fitness solutions from home, home entertainment, remote health services and online education solutions have a bright forecast. Sometime a quick change in direction creates a significant opportunity.

Where to find freelancers and how to choose the right ones for your business

Finding the right freelancers for your job might seem a bit challenging, yet thanks to services such as Workhoppers, identifying the right professional for your needs is significantly simpler. Many such services offer search options and settings that will allow you to find the freelancers available for projects in your category of interest. You can view matched profiles and connect directly for immediate hire.

Workhoppers, for example, has been built and designed to help you find local freelancers, a feature that directly contributes to the entire freelance-business experience. By hiring locals, you avoid poor communication, increase accountability, and develop long lasting bonds that should result in better project results. When working with freelancers in your area, you get to meet them if necessary, speak the same language and simplify legal liability issues that may occur when working with a professional. It isn’t easy to get your contract enforced if working with someone from a different country or even continent.

Final words

There is a great deal advantage to use freelancers in a world full of uncertainty.  You get to hire professionals, as needed, only for certain jobs/projects and save time and money. What’s even more important is that the benefits of working with freelancers are not only advantageous when trying to get back to business but anytime your business requires an extra hand. Specifically under Covid-19, using freelancers allows you to easily resume your business.

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