Part-time university jobs: 10 reasons

October, 28, 2014 by Samantha Padilla-Torres author workhoppers

Being a student is rough, and on top of that you are thinking of working part-time? Are you crazy? Nope, you are just smart. Part-time university jobs for students are plentiful.  Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why you should definitely consider looking at flexible part time jobs for students.

1- It is an investment 

Sure, the hours and the pay may be barely complying with employment standards, but what you will be getting in future return will be more than worth it.

2- Hey, you can pay your own bills now!

I am sorry, but I don’t think anyone can deny how nice it feels to buy something you want with the money you’ve earned. From school bills to that awesome shirt you saw the other day, you can now afford to be independent (maybe not completely, but still).

3- It showcases your multi-tasking skills

Multi-tasking is a popular sought-after skill in the professional world. Not only are you able to juggle a busy university schedule but you also have managed to work while doing it? That, right there shows you can handle various tasks at the same time, which is the rule rather than the exception once you start working.

4- Look how pretty your CV looks!

Once you start the medial process of applying for post-graduation jobs, you will realize that competition is harsh out there. So, number one way to stand out: your CV, aka your personal presentation/decider of your future, single sheet of paper. Employers and Recruiters will tend to look at your CV and focus on: #1 your job experience #2 your education.

5- Never underestimate connections

Do you know what is the #1 way people get hired in companies today? If you think it is by online applications or social media you are wrong, it is through networking. The more people you get to know in the professional world the more doors you will get a chance to open in the future. Building a solid professional network is key and working while studying gives you the opportunity to do just that.

6- Your social life will not be over

Unlike having a full time job while studying (bless their souls), part-time and flexible work leaves room not only for studying, but also for leisure activities. Part-time gigs many times entail you can choose your own hours, organizing yourself is all about step #8.

Bonus, you will have extra money to go out.

7- Your time-management skills will develop

You basically become a professional juggler when you work and study, which entails, you have no choice but to become really time-organized. And that right there will be useful for mostly every activity you embark on from that point on in your life.

8- It will make the transition to the “real world” much smoother

Unlike someone who doesn’t work while studying, you have the edge of knowing what being an employee feels like. Thus, once you get a job after graduation, adapting is likely to be much easier than for those who have never been part of the professional world. New?  Maybe. Shaken? Not really.

9- You will learn (more than you can imagine) about yourself

Yep, you are now mostly aware of your personality and behavior within the familiar roles of your life as a student, son/daughter, friend, partner etc. but do you know yourself as an employee? Working part-time gives you the chance to realize what your strengths and weaknesses (“areas of improvement”) are as a worker. Not only will you be aware of happens to you when you are put under not-so-great-but-common professional circumstances such as, conflict in the workplace or dealing with a difficult client, but you will actually be more prepared to effectively deal with similar experiences in your future career.

10- Experience, experience, experience

It all boils down to this, working while studying only means that you are getting practice; and practice makes perfect (or as close as you can get to perfect anyway). You may be getting practice in the industry you want to work in, or in a similar position of your dream-job, or maybe even in something completely unrelated, whatever it is, it is certainly a learning experience. And believe me, even if you think serving coffee doesn’t have anything to do with the CEO you want to be one day, you will realize that you can learn massive lessons in the smallest of places.

Now, where do you get a part-time/flexible job? It is not too difficult actually, sites such as specialize in matching part-time job seekers like you with employers, you only have to create a profile and advertise your skills and voila!

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