Upwork Alternative for Hiring freelancers

May, 27, 2020 by Workhoppers' Team author workhoppers

Freelance platforms are used for hiring a wide array of skilled professionals on a flexible basis such as developers, translators, social media experts, graphic designers, business consultants and more. Hiring freelancers can be done with just a few clicks.

If you are looking for an Upwork alternative to hire freelancers, Workhoppers might be a good match for you. Let’s start by saying that the team at Workhoppers likes to refer to themselves as the Anti-Upwork.

Let’s delve right in and explain to you the differences between the 2 platforms so that you can make an informed decision about which platform is right for your specific hiring need. Of course, every platform has it’s strengths and weaknesses, both advantages and disadvantages but these 2 could not be more different! If you’ve narrowed down the list of options to Upwork vs Workhoppers, and you’re still undecided, here are the main differences between the two hiring platforms to help you make a more informed decision.

Upwork vs Workhoppers best site for hiring?

Hiring remote or hiring local freelancers

Thanks to the latest technological developments, hiring people from all over the world is an option for many companies. However, there are often times where you just either want or need to meet with the person you are going to work with. You may not feel comfortable handing over confidential information to someone far away, you may need someone to be in your office to help or you may just want a face to face meeting to make sure you are on the same page as your intended hire. Here is one key important difference between Upwork vs Workhoppers.

Upwork was built to hire remotely while Workhoppers makes it easy to select where you want your freelancer to be located and facilitates hiring local, close to you.

If you are looking for the lowest possible rate and your project is not sensitive to location, then Upwork is a good alternative. Your job is published and accessible to anyone in the world. Talent from anywhere will bid on your project and you can find very competitive rates this way.

On the other hand, if location is important to you, and you would prefer to target a specific city, then Workhoppers is the right choice. If the project requires confidentiality, intellectual properly or legal accountability you may want to consider hiring someone local on Workhoppers. On Workhoppers, companies clearly select the city or cities where they want their freelancer located and Workhoppers matches the job with professionals in that location. In addition to the factors mentioned above, hiring local has many other advantages such as common language, time zone, productivity and the bonus of contributing to your own economy.

Upwork makes it difficult to find a freelancer in your own city that you can meet with and keeps all communication on their own platform. Workhoppers facilitates and encourages direct communication and face to face meetings.

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Matching the right freelancer with the right job

Upwork is a platform where companies post their projects and anyone in the world who is a member of their platform can submit a proposal. Price competition is fierce as talented professionals from third world countries bid for the possibility of executing the project.

Workhoppers matches companies with freelancers seeking contract, temporary or permanent part-time. Essentially, any flexible hiring need. When using Workhoppers, companies provide detailed information on their needs. This includes skills required, budget, location, soft skills, and even schedule requirements. Workhoppers then uses a semantic matching algorithm to rank candidates and notifies only the qualified ones. These matched candidates can then apply for the job/project. The result is that you do not get inundated with hundreds of applications from the wrong candidates which is not only annoying but very time consuming to sort through. In addition, companies also have the option to proactively search the database to contact candidates directly for immediate hire; a feature that enables companies to save time and quickly hire.

Here is another key feature where the two platforms differ tremendously…There is no bidding on Workhoppers. Qualified matched candidates contact you directly, or you can proactively contact them. You work out the terms together and directly. Meet and get started. No intermediary.

Pricing and paying

When it comes to evaluating Workhoppers as an Upwork alternative, pricing and payment are a fundamental difference. You may think that Upwork is free but read on and see the real story.

What is the real cost to use Upwork?

If you hire with Upwork, the “Basic” or “free” plan actually charges a 3% processing and administration fee on all payments to the freelancers. If you want to benefit from additional features and services, you can choose to pay for a Plus membership plan which is $49.99/month plus processing and service fees. The Business plan charges $849/month. In addition to these fees, service fees are also charged on the other side to the freelancers starting at 20% for the first $500 billed to the client.

It is always recommended to read the User Agreement carefully before subscribing to any service. For example, if you post a small project on Upwork for a budget of 500$, using the “free” plan, the actual cost to use Upwork adds up $130! (3% processing fee and 20% charge to the freelancer). Not so free after all….

What is the cost to use Workhoppers?

With Workhoppers, you pay the freelancers directly, there are no commissions or transaction fees. Nothing is hidden, just a simple flat fee. You can work as many hours together as you want.

The cost is fixed and starts at only $29 to post one job. There are no hidden fees or commissions. You pay the monthly fee and that’s it. Plus, you can cancel your subscription at any time. So if it is just a one off project, you can post a job for as little as 29$. Professionals looking for work opportunities pay no fee. The Essential Plan for $59/mo gives the company the opportunity to post up to 3 jobs and to contact pro-actively freelancers of its choice.

Workhoppers also offers a Concierge plan . With the Concierge plan the team takes care of everything including interviews and reference checks to recruit the perfect candidate, with the specified qualifications. The candidate will have the skills you need and be ready and available to start working – all for a flat fee of $325 per recruit.

The Workhoppers business model is based on finding the best freelancer for the job and giving companies the freedom to hire as long as needed. The Upwork business model keeps companies tied to their platform and takes payment from both sides.

Upwork Alternative, Final words

Each of these two platforms provides advantages when it comes to helping you find the freelance professionals your company needs on-demand. In the end, your specific needs, budget, and preferences help you decide which one to opt for. Customer support is reliable in both cases and user reviews are positive regarding the way both platforms provide support to their users.

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