Best White Noise sites for Freelancers to get work done

August, 04, 2015 by Brooke McLaughlin author workhoppers

Would you like to know which are the best white noise sites for freelancers to get the work done?

Noisy neighbors? Conversations at the café you can’t help but overhear? Too restless for complete silence? For freelancers working remotely, locating a consistently quite, distraction-free place to work can be a difficult task. White noise is a great way to block out the chaos and facilitate productivity. According to a study published by the Journal of Consumer Research in 2012, a low to moderate level of ambient noise promotes abstract cognitive processing and creativity (

Luckily, there are numerous white noise applications and websites that serve as simple tools for freelancers to utilize. white noise sites

The following are our top pick of free white noise sites and apps that can help to make  your freelancing experience as efficient and focused as possible. Just slap on a good pair  of good, comfortable headphones, plug-in to one of these sites, and get to work!


For many freelancers, the buzzing backdrop of a local coffee shop provides the perfect workspace. The hiss of the espresso machine, the clinks of silver spoons against saucers, and the familiar lunchtime chatter can be a recipe for productivity. However, not every freelancer has quick and easy access to a suitable cafe (not to mention the hefty bill that one can wrack up from spending too many hours in your local Starbucks). This free site recreates the ambient sounds of a café with the click of your mouse. Coffitivity is also available as an app for iPhone and Android—so you can have your coffee shop on the go!

Best for: realistic café sounds

Noisli is all about customizing your white noise. You can turn on different sounds and adjust their levels as you please—sounds that range from thunderstorm to crackling fire to oscillating fan. The site provides preset mixes that are deemed best for productivity, sleep, or relaxation. The minimalist graphic design is top-notch as the site is extremely user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Freelancers with perfectionist tendencies will enjoy the freedom they have to layer the sounds within Noisli.

Best for: graphic design & accessibility by far provides the best variety of all the free sound generators out there. Chose from hundreds of unique sounds from cat purr to Himalayan voices to jungle sounds to the particularly intriguing “in utero.” Each sound is broken down into ten different adjustable frequencies, so you can calibrate the most precise balance for your environment and auditory pleasure. The website is large, so requires a good amount of RAM and takes a while to load especially on a mobile browser.

Best for: variety and detail

Simply rain

Like the name suggests, this app is all about simplicity. Rain sounds are known to be one of the most soothing white noise options and so this site is perfect for one stop shopping. This site has no bells and whistles, so is perfect for freelancers who just want to get the job done.

Best for: simplicity


Naturespace is one of best quality sound apps out there. Available on iTunes and Google Play, this app recreates soundscapes in 3-D. One of the best sound quality apps out there, Naturespace allows listeners to immerse themselves in the ambient tones because it has the effect that the authentic sounds are coming from all directions. This app is great for freelancers on the go.

Best for: sound quality


And once you find your peaceful space to work thanks to the best white noise sites, get on where you can create your profile for free and be matched with employers seeking freelancers and professionals for their contract, casual, gig and part-time needs.

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