Why work from home just makes sense today

June, 03, 2014 by Linda Singer author workhoppers

Work from home and flexible work in general, are in right now. Why? Well because they make sense. So sit tight, here are the top reasons why work from home in the 21st Century is increasingly not being seen as an “alternative” form of work anymore. Whether you work from home 100% of the time or you go into an on site office to connect every once in a while; work from home is the new way to get work done.


  • It is environmentally friendly!

Just for a second think about how much gas you use to get to work and back everyday, how much air pollution you are releasing into the atmosphere early in the morning and around 5pm at least five days a week. And yes, you have heard the term “Global Warming” uttered more times than you can count now, but honestly, imagine how much it would help if everyone would work from home even just one day a week (not to mention the relieve of not being stuck in traffic and the extra stuff you could buy or invest in by saving on gas- it really adds up)

  • Technology:

Dun Dun Duuun this is the big one! Laptops, the Internet, wireless technologies, Social Media, everything that says 21st Century technology basically asks for us to work remotely from home. There are even walking robots with your face on it for goodness sake! (Check our previous blog post on that btw:  https://www.workhoppers.com/blog/supernatural-workforce-telepresence-robot-new-way-work-home/)

  • The ME generation:

The 21st Century technology, values, and culture foster a labor market that is increasingly personalized to every individual. Lets face it, we have become a little bit obsessed with ourselves: we have our unique Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and LinkedIn; even Syri happens to address us by our name (it makes you feel a bit special admit it); we want to feel as much of an exceptional individual as possible, and 21st C resources have been able to nurture this exact tendency we have, as human beings, to feel unique; and well, the job field is no different. In recent years more and more people want a job that adjusts to their lives styles rather than the other way around. Working from home allows you to design your own personalized office and sometimes, even your own personalized schedule.

  • Good ol’ work-life balance:

Yes, yes the concept of work-life balance is everywhere now but that is because we are constantly seeking  it. Every single other generation has worked in an office, many times at the expense of their personal, family, and even spiritual development. While top employers now have started to provide more and more non-monetary benefits and offer a more “homey” feel to their organizations, nothing quite says home like, well, home. Working from home gives you a chance to spend more time with your family, perhaps practice long forgotten hobbies, and just in general manage your own time.


Still, some people today may still associate work from home with being less productive and less motivating, but guess what? For the most part, us human beings like to work simply because we like to be good at things and be rewarded for them; we like to feel like we have accomplished something not only for us but also for the organization we work for/with. So there, working from home makes sense, at least for us at Workhoppers   🙂   (not to mention the thousands of organizations worldwide who are believers). It is true, working from home moves away from the concept of the classical job office, but hey, having a personalized space and feeling different are sometimes the best parts of living in the 21st C.

Feel like working from home yet?


Have a hoppy day!

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