Workforce trends : Freelancing is here to stay

August, 08, 2013 by Linda Singer author workhoppers
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Cant imagine living without internet? Will we one day look back and wonder how we could have lived without freelancers?

When we look back 30 years from now what will be the workforce trends that we could not imagine living without? Could it be freelancers?

How do you imagine companies were functioning before the 90s and throughout history? Well, even if you have been at it long enough to have experienced those days, it is probably pretty hard for you to imagine running a company today without an internet connection, without Google and without email. Nevertheless, companies were doing business and 9-to-5 employees were getting the job done and salaries got paid. No internet, no Google and no email (and maybe once upon a time – no electricity) was no problem for companies back then, but it would be a great problem for companies right now.

It would be amazing to go back in time with this knowledge and be leading the way. Indeed, some companies had the insight to stay ahead of their time and these visionary leaders were able to see all that the technology was able to bring to their business and get ahead. Some companies were the first to have an Internet connection and employees working on PCs. OK then, but if that’s the case, what would be today’s emerging trend, helping companies to pave the road to success? Helping them to discover new innovations?  Helping them to be smart and quick and accurate at the same time?

The answer is the 21st century projects trend: Freelancers! Hiring on-demand, using part-time employees for specific tasks and temporary staffing; Hiring people who are specifically choosing to work as freelancers. These freelancers, having many employers, are not as you may think, free-minded men and women, travelers maybe, who can’t commit to a 9-to-5 schedule. Many of the freelancers who are right there in your local community, near your company’s headquarter, have great experience, they are excellent specialist in their field of activity and are a great asset to your project team and can be right there in your office helping you get ahead.  They tend to give each project their all and treat you with white glove service as you are indeed their customer.

With today’s technology you can easily find these people online and then set up an interview face to face. By using temporary staff, you can add know-how, expertise and out of the box ideas to your project. The result is the advantage of coming out with a better product or service than your competitors.

More and more talented people are currently looking to balance their life and diversify their careers by leaving their full-time jobs and engaging in freelance activities. Actually, in an article published by BBC News, it turns out that during a research conducted by Mitel in July last year, 81% of UK workers and 87% of younger employees wanted to escape the 9-to-5 culture. If last year these guys were dreaming about this, how many of them have actually become freelancers today? Think about the immense talent out there that is now in reach to all companies both large and small. Hiring on demand makes accessing this great talent affordable.

Full-time jobs will always be and you’ll always need full time employees at the core of your team.  You will always need these loyal employees to come to work 5 days per week. But at the same time, you can use the immense capital of local talent when needed for your company. So take advantage of this new revolution and be part of the group of leaders who see the business potential before everyone else! One day we will look back and wonder, just as we do about the internet, how it was that companies could run efficiently and effectively without the freelancer at its side.



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