Workhoppers in the Press


December 22, 2020
Thankful for the shoutout to Workhoppers! Our network effect and how we offer a range of skills from consulting and business analysis to virtual administrative assistants.
September 8, 2020
Read about Workhoppers in this article on Pioneers of the Freelance Revolution! Proud to be included 🙂
January 20, 2019
Read about the careers of 2 of our very own Workhoppers and how the platform helped find them great flexible work opportunities.
CPA Magazine
December 1, 2017
How does life in the flex lane really work? Workhoppers talks with CPA magazine about the freelance economy.
The Globe and Mail
November 11, 2016
Workhoppers weighs in on an in-depth look and effective tips on how to develop and manage freelancers.
Huffington Post
November 8, 2016
Being a new mom and figuring out how to juggle work and family is not easy. The Workhoppers platfrom helps moms like Anneliese Lawton.
The Globe and Mail
January 20, 2016
Expert advice on marketing your company with professional freelancers help. Workhoppers weighs in.
Canadian Business
March 16, 2015
Read about Workhoppers and the new freelance economy. Replacing the need for temp agencies.
Workhoppers talks about how hiring on-demand, allows you to keep your overhead as low as possible while acquiring the best talent to get the job done. Flexibility is key when you are starting a new company.
To size up great job prospects for the 50+ crowd, recently reviewed employment statistics and trends.
Over 50? Get Over Your Fears And Launch a Business
Some midlifers are fearful of becoming entrepreneurs because of what they perceive as three obstacles: Their need for flexibility, their fear of touching their nest egg and their feeling that they’re out of touch with technology. Overcoming these hurdles, however, can be fairly easy. Here’s how:
Job security is out, Flexible jobs are in!
Right now, doing a simple Google search about flexibility and «gen» (diminutive for «generation») provides over six million results.
Flexibility means two main things: having people able to adapt and learn, and having the right to hire and fire employees depending on market demand.
8 Solid Job Prospects for People Over 50
There has been lots of talk lately about the increasing number of companies looking to hire older workers. But which employers are actually doing the hiring and what kinds of jobs are they filling?
8 Tips for a Successful Small Business Partnership
At, one of us is quick at making decisions while the other takes more time to think things through. Also, one of us is a bit of a perfectionist (a little OCD ;))while the other is calm and offers reasoning. We balance each other out and it works well for us!