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Post your freelance, contract, part-time, temporary, work from-home, remote, or gig jobs to reach thousands of talented experts in your city. Connect with skilled professionals that offer the flexibility you want. 

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Tired of reviewing the wrong applicants? ONLY matched candidates can apply. Our AI-matching algorithm, targeted campaign and personalized service finds candidates that fit your specific needs. 

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Proactively connect with your matches. Pay your freelancer by the hour or by the project, you decide.

No recruiting fees.

No commissions.

No middleman.


Why go local?

  • Share a culture, a language
  • Work in same time zone
  • Accountability with sensitive data
  • Meet face-to-face
  • Immediate feedback
  • Develop long lasting bonds
  • Support your local economy
According to Forbes Insight of 750 executives,
8 out of 10 prefer face to face interaction over virtual.
Given all the benefits it is not a surprise.
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Our Matching Algorithm

Structural Data

Candidates with the right skills, location, experience, education, on site or work from home, and availability for your flrxible needs.

Natural language

Our propietary machine learning algorithm based on natural language processing technique ranks candidates for the job task.

Working habits

Match the profile to the suitable character for the role with aspect such as leadership style, communication skills, risk taking behaviour, self control, flexibility.
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Whether you are a professional freelancer, moonlighter, stay-at-home parent, university student or semi-retired individual,
Find the right flexible job for you.
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What they are saying

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Philippe D.



“We found everyone we needed. Awesome experience hiring on Workhoppers. Found high quality (candidates) rapidly. Strongly recommend this company. We will surely use it again in the future to find our next employees. ”

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Stacey E.

Director of Planning Services


We had a great experience working with Workhoppers. We filled two main contract roles with top notch, high quality candidates – experienced social media expert and B2B sales professional. Will definitely use their services again.”

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Dr. Anissa F.


Donald Family Medicine Clinic

“Our experience with Workhoppers was outstanding from start to finish! They were able to find the perfect matches for our expanding team (software developer, social media expert and a nurse). All at unbeatable prices! We cannot thank Workhoppers enough for their professionalism, expertise, dedication and help.”

Logo Bill S. Bradbury

Bill S.

VP Business Development


We have tried other platforms in the past and found Workhoppers to be the best - by far. We just started working with Anthony and already he has provided more insights and assistance than any of the digital marketers we worked with in the past. I don't think we would have found him as easily outside of Workhoppers, so we are really happy. And grateful!”

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