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Built like a dating site our powerful matching algorithm will find you the right professional, in your city. Save time in sourcing, screening and interviewing. You can now easily connect only with the right candidates. Other on-line tools will find you candidates; Workhoppers finds you the right ones without the need for a temp or staff agency.

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“I found the registration and posting of jobs quite easy. I was looking for marketing and sales help. I was pleasantly surprised to find 10 great candidates right away. I just posted another position in another city and got 3 matches immediately. Very happy to have discovered”

Andrew B.

Recruitment Coordinator

Kognitive Marketing

Michel G

“I created my profile and within a week connected with a business I was really interested in. I got hired for a 3-month contract and it went so well that they kept me on as permanent! It is the perfect job for me and now my sister signed up to Workhoppers too.”

Michel G.

Administrative Assistant


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“I was looking for a copywriter to help develop questions for a quiz game on our App. I posted the job, got my matches and received emails immediately from qualified candidates. I hired one to start right away. It was easy, fast and professional. Definitely a good hiring solution for contract work.”

Nancy M.

Artistic Director

Herd Wisdom

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Top companies trust Workhoppers

  • Kognitive Marketing
  • Pharma Sciences
  • Le Chateau
  • Promo-Staff
  • Mega-Brands
  • Advantage Sales and Marketing