We don’t just talk flexible work…
              We built our company with talented freelancers.

Workhoppers is the only on-line platform that matches companies with the RIGHT professional in the city of your choice for temporary, freelance and part-time help; saving companies an enormous amount of time and money in sourcing, screening and selecting candidates.  

The story of Workhoppers began when the founders - two working moms - looking for their next consulting gig, thought there had to be an easier way for companies and experts to find each other. So they built an on-line platform, like a dating site, where the matching algorithm generates the best Match for the task at hand.

Companies can now find and connect instantaneously with the right candidate based on skills, location, experience, education, availability and much more.

A cost effective, easy solution that removes the need for expensive agencies.

Join and connect directly with the right freelancer or professional seeking flexible work!



Meet the Team that makes it hop


Vera Gavizon

Vera Gavizon


  • Post-MBA, McGill University
  • Senior Manager at McKinsey & Company, Strategic Planning and M & A
  • VP Venture Capital, Bank Hapoalim
Linda Singer

Linda Singer


  • Master's degree, Information Science and Business Administration, McGill University
  • Communication and Media Studies undergraduate, McGill University
Ken Nguyen

Ken Nguyen

Main developer

  • Freelance developer
  • Ecommerce websites, database structures
  • Created on-line booking software, mobile applications for enterprises
Ken Nguyen

Jacqueline Flejsz

Community support

  • MBA in Marketing, IESA
  • Architect, Marketing and Management Degree 
  • Independent Head Hunter 
Jonathan Amend

Jonathan Amend

Software developer

  • Consultant with over 10 years of experience.
  • Specializes in modernizing and maintaining critical business software systems 
Cinthia Ianitelli

Alexandra Attard

Social Media expert

  • Postgraduate certificate in Marketing management, Sheridan College
  • Bachelor of Arts Media, Western University
  • Develops social media and marketing content for effective brand strategy
Tatiyana Antonov


Tatiyana Antonov

Frontend web developer

  • Engineering in Computer Sciences, University of Derby



  • Graduate (barely) of puppy obedience school
  • Company mascot

We Believe in...


The amazing talent in your community with the right skills to help companies whether on short term projects or part-time jobs. Nothing beats working face-to-face to ensure communication and accountability.


Balance between work and life is good for everyone. People are searching for more flexibility and companies want to stay competitive by hiring only when needed. Having control of your time delivers amazing results.


Keep it simple is our moto. Finding temporary help has always been so complicated. We have created an easy to use platform with the right balance between having the necessary information to hire and the easiness of providing that information.

Direct contact

Candidates and companies communicate directly and negotiate terms together. A refreshing new concept of no middleman, no commissions, no head hunters, or temp agency. Just contact each other and agree on the terms. Period.

Our Commitment

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, whether you are searching for flexible work or you are looking to hire an expertise, we want you to be happy! If there is anything we can do, please contact us immediately or call us at 1-844-FLEXWRK. We will do what it takes to make it right.


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