Why use workhoppers.com?

Workhoppers.com is an easy and cost effective way to hire, on-demand, local talented people to get your temporary projects done. You can find a person with the precise skills at the precise moment that you need it.

Is your team overloaded? Do you not have the right skills in house to execute a project? Are you spending too much time doing tasks instead of focusing on what you do best and making money? Do you need extra help to get through a busy period but do not have the resources to hire a permanent employee? Workhoppers can help!

Whether just for a few hours or a longer project you can find all sorts of awesome people with a wide range of talents ready to help. It is the new way to manage your business whether you're a start up or a multinational company. Best of all, Workhoppers.com focuses on finding the ideal match locally for your project. You benefit from face to face interaction, common language and accountability. All this while promoting your local economy.

How do I increase my chances of getting hired on Workhoppers?

The single most important thing you can do to attract companies and land projects is to build an effective, impressive, and accurate profile. Include all your relevant skills, experience, education, and upload a professional looking picture. Update and upload your CV.

What is the cost of the service?

Workhoppers.com is the best answer to modern day temporary outsourcing needs. In keeping with our mandate to help companies stay competitive and find great local talent we charge a low monthly fee that allows companies to post projects as needed and contact candidates proactively. Companies can post one project, browse and recieve email alerts at no cost.

Its always free for individual freelancers to post their skills and find projects to work on.

Who are Workhoppers?

Workhoppers are awesome talented professionals. Typically freelancers, moonlighters, entrepeneurs, stay at home parents, semi-retired experienced professionals and university students. They are people looking for flexible work and their numbers are on the rise. Workhoppers answers the need of a new generation of people setting up their own small freelance businesses and achieving work life balance.

How do I stay safe?

Take precautions as you would when going for or conducting a work interview. Use common sense. Meet in public places. Workhoppers.com works very hard to keep the integrity of its website. It does a limited verification to validate a company. However, workhoppers.com can in no way guarantee the safety for any of its users.

How do I pay a Workhopper?

The company pays the Workhopper directly. You negotiate the fees together on your terms whether by the project or by the hour. Workhoppers.com does not take any commissions or transaction fees.

When does my project posting expire?

Your posting does not expire while your membership is valid. You can keep it posted on as long as you want until you find the right match and then remove the project.

Top companies trust Workhoppers

  • Kognitive Marketing
  • Pharma Sciences
  • Le Chateau
  • Promo-Staff
  • Mega-Brands
  • Advantage Sales and Marketing